NIC accepts filing of benefit claims electronically

NIC accepts filing of benefit claims electronically

(PRESS RELEASE) – The National Insurance Corporation (NIC) recognizes that we are living in unprecedented and uncertain times and organizations are faced with many difficult but necessary decisions to ensure the well-being of their employees and customers.

We are aware that many of our contributors are themselves facing potential hardships and will rely on their NIC benefits for income support.

In keeping with the heightened protocol and social distancing regime announced by the Government of Saint Lucia for a temporary shutdown of non-essential services, and building upon its internal measures put in place to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the NIC wishes to announce the following actions to be taken in respect of filing benefit claims.

The NIC will accept filing of benefit claims electronically. Please scan and email forms to [email protected] The originals, however, must be mailed to the NIC or dropped in a designated box provided at the various NIC offices. You are required to provide your bank details in order for the NIC to make payments to you. You can do so by going to our website to enter details of an open, active account at your bank.

For persons unable to file electronically, boxes have been placed at our offices on the Castries Waterfront, Vieux-Fort and Soufriere to collect benefit claims. Please ensure you enter details of an open active account at your bank on the forms provided.

To avoid unnecessary delays in processing claims, please ensure the following:

-Forms are signed by yourself and stamped and signed by your employer.
-Your National Insurance number is correct.
-The name appearing on the sickness claim form is the same as the name registered at the NIC.
-The form is stamped and signed by a registered medical practitioner or in the case of Covid-19 related illness, any other officer/person designated by the Chief Medical Officer.
-You provide details of your bank account either via the online link or by completing the forms provided.

Kindly note that in light of the several restrictions necessitated by the current pandemic, there may be some delays in the processing of claims. The NIC appreciates your patience and understanding as it seeks to deliver service to its contributors during this difficult time.


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