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‘Newsspin’ to be replaced by new show

By SNO Staff

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Earl Huntley (left) and Tamara Gibson

(SNO) — Tamara Gibson, managing director of Radio Caribbean 1982 Limited, has disclosed that its popular midday talk show ‘Newsspin’, on Radio Caribbean Internatioal (RCI), is no more.

Also out is its host Early Huntley, the former St. Lucian diplomat. He had replaced long-time host Timothy Poleon who was fired recently over alleged conflict of interest. Poleon will start a new talk show on Real FM next week Monday.

Gibson told The St. Lucia Star newspaper that the last edition of ‘Newsspin’ was aired on Friday, Feb. 8. Newsspin had been on the airwaves for some 20 years.

On Thursday evening, Feb. 7 at Harbour Club — the day before the final edition of Newsspin — RCI launched what it described in a press release as its “new brand identity” which encompasses a new logo, on-air programmes and website, as part of the company’s observation ahead of its 58th anniversary on February 21.

Gibson said the removal of Newsspin was part of the re-branding process.

She told The Star that Poleon’s programme was “one of those we are re-branding to suit the personalities of new hosts. We’re actually working on it at the moment”.

The managing director also noted that Huntley won’t be the host of the new talk show to replace Newsspin.

“That is not the intention,” Gibson was quoted as saying by The Star. “We haven’t settled on an actual host but it’s not going to be Earl Huntley.” She said he would be “assisting during the transition”.

On Friday, the company distributed a news release on its re-branding process. See full statement below:

Radio Caribbean 1982 Limited announces the company’s initiative as part of an effort to align the existing brand with a new corporate identity.

The move serves to redirect the brand’s focus to become more in tune with current media trends, as well as with the satisfaction of its clients and listeners.

In identifying the best way forward, the company sought to improve the brand’s attributes while leaving the foundations of the business largely undisturbed. As such, since January, 2018 the company has undergone a
series of structural improvements to redirect its internal operations and on-air content.

The initiative has further strengthened through the year with the introduction of redesigned programming including Youth Unplugged and She Speaks, both of which have enjoyed growing commitment from listeners and sponsors alike. There has also been a movement away from some outmoded programs into a more content-focused direction.

The station’s managing director Tamara Gibson remarks, “As the nation’s longest operating media provider, the time has come to improve our performance, perception and impact on a local and regional scale. The market is an ever-evolving climate and we fully intend to reassert our position as the number one choice in radio.”

According to Gibson, this “call for reinvention” is necessary to meet the demand to deliver the highest quality service in a digital age. Radio has transcended mere FM broadcasting to evolve into an experience that is multifaceted. The traditional audio-based programming that the statio once offered has been expanded to include visual content, high quality news and talk shows by way of interactive media platforms.

Radio Caribbean International is poised to deliver on their new brand promise of creating avenues to add value to the customer experience and producing content that resonates with all segments of the population.

As a valued fixture in local radio, the company is currently preparing to observe its 58th anniversary of broadcasting at the end of the month. The company formerly launched its new brand identity on February 7th, 2019.

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  1. All that is just corporate talk noticed she didnt mention one concrete example of a show. No name no subject area, this is just to by time while they get a new host that the public likes. No offence to Mr. Huntley but the way they got rid of Mr. Poleon left a bad taste in everyone one's mouth.

  2. Thats not the same Tamara that ???? mwere mem

  3. Do these people even understanding what branding means? It's just a fancy word for reputation. Everything you do is branding. Firing Timothy Poleon made your station look very bad. Did you just decide on your own to get rid of News Spin with no regard for what your listeners think? People's perception of you is not a good one at the moment. Your station has portrayed an arrogant, non-caring, selfish and victimizing image. That's branding. A logo change is not as significant. Terrible!

  4. "Gibson said the removal of Newsspin was part of the re-branding process."

    Absolute BS! You're rebranding a show which has been your flagship and most popular offering for 20 years to suit the personalities of new hosts?

    Well Tamara, if that is how you go about rebranding to enhance your station then you have absolutely no clue about rebranding or when to do so. It is not simply a new website or new hosts. There clearly is no buzz about your rebranding and it should have been halted and restrategized in light of this self inflicted fiasco.

    Whoever advised this course of action should be fired. You've rebranded your station alright, into the ground.


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