‘Hypocrisy’ – UWP says SLP gov’t granted Sandals 100% Withholding Tax waiver for 10 years from 2013

‘Hypocrisy’ – UWP says SLP gov’t granted Sandals 100% Withholding Tax waiver for 10 years from 2013

(PRESS RELEASE) – The United Workers Party continues to be alarmed at the glaring hypocrisy from the Saint Lucia Labour Party and attempts to hurt Saint Lucia’s relationship with local and foreign investors.

It has become clear to Saint Lucians that the SLP is not interested in the success of our country but only in seeking to ruin and obstruct opportunities for growth and jobs.

With the recent Sandals non-issue the SLP has yet again sought to undermine a private investor in their narrow pursuits with a deliberate attempt to confuse the public. That the SLP has the audacity to criticize the UWP Government for finally dealing with a long outstanding issue between Inland Revenue and Sandals that they failed to address is shameful.

An issue that they ignored which the Inland Revenue Department repeatedly brought to their attention while they were in Government. In their foolish statement on the matter, they also neglected to announce or let the public know that they have in the past granted 100 % waivers to Sandals in a range of areas.

The Labour Party neglected to tell the public that it had even granted waivers to developers who have not put down one pillar on any land in St. Lucia. The evidence has shown that the SLP has in their years in office granted multiple exemptions to Sandals including a ten year exemption from the same withholding tax which they now criticize.

The Labour Party Government by virtue of Cabinet Conclusion No. 188 of 2013 granted a 100% waiver of Withholding Tax for a period of 10 years to Sandals from January 01st 2013. The Labour Party in the same Cabinet Conclusion also approved 100% exemption from the payment of Income Tax for a period of 15 years from January 01st 2013.

The SLP knows full well that the granting of such concessions to an investor that has proven themselves to have made a commitment to our country is not “extraordinary or highly unusual” as they have suggested. By their own actions they have granted the same concessions and much more. What is “extraordinary” and “highly unusual” is granting concessions to an investor you know nothing about.

What is “extraordinary” and “highly unusual” is selling your country’s seabed to a man you know nothing about! The SLP has a proven track record of making promises to investors that were not even properly vetted by the Government.

In a February 9th 2016 letter to Robert Ainsworth of Equator Lands Limited, former Prime Minister Kenny Anthony promised the so-called developer waivers on personal income tax for The Board and Senior Management of the Company which also extended to All purchase of property. The SLP leader also promised Robert Ainsworth waivers on Corporation Tax, Exemptions on all forms of Value Added Tax and Import Duty.

Kenny Anthony in this secret letter also promised Exemptions on Withholding Tax. The then Prime Minister made promises of all these exemptions to this developer who had zero track record in Saint Lucia or the world!

The United Workers Party dismisses the SLP criticism and takes the opportunity to recognize and applaud the contribution of Sandals Resorts International to Saint Lucia. The company employs hundreds of Saint Lucians and is making another investment of millions into our country with the announcement of 330 suite Sandals La Source.

The United Workers Party calls on all right-thinking Saint Lucians and stakeholders of our country’s success to not let the Saint Lucia Labour Party ruin the reputation of our country by unsubstantiated malicious attacks on investors.

We know that the Labour Party’s stated aim is to create chaos in the country. They have also admitted that they will write to investors to instruct them not to invest in the country.

This press statement by the Labour Party is the latest in the long series of nonsense attempts to sabotage Saint Lucia.

The United Workers Party calls on the Government to keep focused and is encouraged by the opening of investments such as OJO Labs in Vieux Fort which will employ scores of Saint Lucians. We are encouraged by the developments of the south of the island such as The Ritz Carlton by Range and the Fairmont St Lucia in Choiseul. These communities are finally getting the attention they deserve and our scores of young people leaving school will have the opportunity to find work.

Let us all work to build a new Saint Lucia where we are not distracted by the hate-spewing SLP that is seeking to destroy our nation by trying to prevent these projects from happening.


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  1. You can fool the dupidish BUT you cant fool the wise......keep peddling!!! The fact is you are here to represent Sandal's interest....period.


  2. When your mortgage is at stake, car payments are due, and lifestyle has drastically changed since before June 2016....what do you do? Jump over every story you can! Jump over the party leader to ensure media prominence! Takeover the proganda and unstable wings of the party! Employ the Unstable wing of the party to cause as much destruction as possible! Start a count down to Election 2021, hoping that the government of the country fails and by extension the country! Well guess what? You have 1575 days left hoping that country is ruined. 1575 days left to figure out that you cannot bank on the country failing. 1575 days to understand that you cannot be the party of no. 1575 days to fight between Hillaire and Pierre. 1575 of Chastanet developing the country in five years more than Kenny ever did in 15 years. 1575 days of using Richard Frederick, a guy you people destroyed to do the poodle on a thursday night. 1575 more days until the real political landslide occurs. Three more labour seats are in play next election...come up with ideas....propaganda does not work.


  3. I don't care about party yellow or party red. What I do know tho; if the country is in such a mess why are we waiving everything for foreign investors. I've been working for 20 something years paying my dues as a patriot and child of the soil. I don't get nothing off, neither are the local business men who's been here all their lives keeping this economy together.

    So you'll party hacks SLP/UWP it's time to stop the stupidity. Time to stand for our country and hold each and every man or woman on either side responsible for their actions. Their actions are going to affect our children and grandchildren.


    • To encourage investment you must give something. That's business if you didn't know. You figure that everything we get is for free. You had better educate your naïve self.


      • Wam there tell your PM that because he has given your entire country for free. Most of us are not stupid like you A.H.


      • In order to encourage business as you give some things for free , not everything for free . Try educating yourself around that


  4. SLP always want to use UWP to cover up their dirty work................SLP and their supportors DISGUST me!!!


  5. These 2 political parties together are causing more damage to St. Lucia and St. Lucians than any category 5 hurricane would. Sad!


  6. That very long press release still does not explain why UWP granted the company of the former father in law of the prime minister the waiver.


  7. UWP that's the whole point. Why if SLP had already granted ten years that your are granting a numbers of years retroactively on top of that?


  8. Having lost the 2016 elections the SLP is playing its last card. Be deceitful, cause confusion and try to undermine and unsettle the government. But their tactics are weak and dishonest, a series of bluffs which the people are seeing through. Further with Hilaire leading that charge, a man who up to now cannot explain the Juffali matter exposes that they are not sincere.


  9. The funny thing is that SLP lies as if it is nothing. It is the most lasting thing that I will remember that marks their 15 years in office.

    Only smart people could not see that one which gives me a belly laugh. "Vote for me", they said "and I will health care No. 1 priority."

    Shucks man. All that has to be done there and then, is simply then and there, to declare it No. 1. After that, the fools who normally swallow SLP lies, hook, line and sinker will be no wiser. SLP would not have had to do anything to remain in their good books.

    Stupidity is contagious in Saint Lucia. Look at how many people saw a wise future in voting SLP, just to continue to get a temporary job in STEP.


  10. I doh know what the truth is, and may never hear it from the politicians however, if the labour party did that, they were very wrong, and if the U,W.P is doing what they are being accused of , they are very very wrong. Two wrongs do not make it righi., protection of what is the people's, is what is at stake here. its all about blood-sucking international companies in colusion with our blood sucking governments, trying their best to suck the blood of the sufferers.


  11. I tell you i gone mad now,i need a shrink.A damn Psychologist,dear God Father help me.And help all our politicians show them the way dear father,SLP and UWP my heart breaks for St.Lucia. Father rise up oh judge of the earth,render punishment to the proud.How long will the wicked triumph.Slp utter speach all the time and speak insolvent things.The workers of iniquity.They boast in them selfs Father.Understand you senseless among the people and you fools.When will you'll be wise.He who plant the ear he hears,he who planted the eyes he sees. He who instructs the Nations he shall correct it SLP shut up and get some knowledge.Shut up.


    • who do you thin? the slp ahs been lying to st lucians for years. they are so stupid to think that the evidence of their hypocrisy is missing. how many times do they have to be PROVEN as liars? they continue to try and wreck the relationships of major investors because they are still butt hurt of being kicked out. they offer no realistic alternatives to anything and keep stepping in their own manure. bravo, slp bravo. you continue to illustrate your incompetence and hypocrisy every day.


      • I was hoping that you were going to show us who was lying via evidence, instead, it was just more of the name calling, none of the thinking, none of the original thoughts, none of the evidence or even logic. We have to do better as a people, not just jumping on our chosen bandwagon. A word to the wise is sufficient.


        • When a government misleads there is always something at stake but when the opposition misleads in the same manner there are no consequences. Therefore it is imperative that we allow the government to do its work without such baseless distractions. Why is there such a tense environment anytime SLP is involved. When SLP is in power the masses are angry, when in opposition they insight anger. I just don't know.


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