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BREAKING NEWS: Shooting in Gros Islet

By SNO Staff

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One man was injured during a shooting in the town of Gros Islet on Thursday night, Sept. 14.

The incident occurred on the corner of Chapel and St. John streets about 10:30 p.m.

The victim, who is well known to the police, according to law enforcement sources, sustained a bullet wound to the leg.

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  1. Everyday another mother must cry no one can stop crime.. When dogs hungry we must eat if we cah eat we will bite thats the truth

  2. Don't report it when you see those youths talking and dealing in guns hot kai wear latar choou zot. See if it is police or Chastanet that will save you. In the meantime continue your politicking. It will be alright in the morning or when we bring back Kenny!


  3. If you want to be political. Did Chastanet say that he was going to fix crime in a year? Stop preventing yourself from learning by engaging in politics. Politics is the language of the ignorant. Dealing with issues through discourse is the intelligent way of doing things. By the way is "Yo Dee" and his cousin "E Dee" still alive? I thought they were dead because of so much information available now.

    • What an idiot? if politics is the language of the ignorant may I ask who makes the it not the political directorate? Went to school as a sheep and came out as a goat?

  4. Somebody needs to work on their aim.

    Bullet to the leg? Really! Now we got one more hospital bed tied up.

  5. Not a word.Not a word. Not a word. Really out of hand now.


  7. An d shooting just start man, get your self bullet proofs and helmets we gone have a Call of Duty heh


    Aa where are you Chastanet? Fix it boy

  9. What's going on? We need this nonsense to stop!
    All criminals have guns and decent law abiding citizens can't even get a can of mace to protect themselves!


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