UPDATE: Homicide victim identified

UPDATE: Homicide victim identified

Police have identified identified the latest homicide victim, who was gunned down in Black Mallet, Marchand in Castries on Saturday evening, November 18, as 33-year-old Anthony Francois, also known as Barrel.

Reports are that shots were heard in the direction of a grey Nissan Note motor vehicle shortly before 8 p.m.

The vehicle came to a stop when it ran into a wall.

A male was found unresponsive in the driver’s seat with two gunshot wounds – to the head and stomach.

According to sources, the victim had no identification documents in his possession at the time, but he was later identified as Francois, who is believed to be in his 30’s.

Police are investigating.

This is the 54th homicide for the year.


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  1. If we suppose that all of you are right on the subject of crime, that in itself would lead to more crime. Everyone is either ratcheted up in politics or too tied up in crime themselves. according to the best sources the origin of crime is tied up in poverty, lack of opportunities and inequality, and as far as I can see all of them lead to the other. Do we have money? No we don't; as the lack of money is the common denominator in all these problems. Even the basic such as funding our police and justice system seems to elude us because of our poverty.

    So what do we need to do in such a case?
    I guess try to get richer.
    Does that happen overnight?
    But can we wait or have some patience?
    I doubt.
    Because of politics.

    So politics may be the single biggest issue which prevents us from arriving at a census, jus as with everything else.

    My conclusion: Politics is destroying our country not crime.


  2. According to sanflood thoes criminals that doing the killings are afraid to die,so start hanging them again..dat will help a bit and if url afraid to go n check on the area bring me along n i will put everything in place..start to break necks by 3


  3. I tell you all already when you see lucians in their mess leave the people, don't say nothing. You in foreign? Enjoy your life. You a run away you ain't hearing.

    Crime rate sky rocket no worries. Let them handle their shit !! and say praise god you not in that shit !!.


    • Wish I cud have thumbs down that lame ass comment 100 Tyms.. Bruh.. U cnt b so I mean not cuz u foreign means u must not care.. Like seriously ? ?


  4. Everything is politics. Pray for the youngsters, instead of talking politics in my head. Parents need to train their young men from a very young age to pray and work for what you want instead of robbing and killing for things that do not belong to them. God bless our beautiful island.


  5. Just another case of you live by the gun you die by it he was on bail for killing Haily with no mask in marigot a few years ago


  6. All these jackass saint Lucia people making excuse about crime happens every where is just plain ignorant and foolish to say the least !!

    A man enter the constituency office of Prime Minister Stevenson King at the time and shoot someone. Where the hell in the world can that BS happen and you not going to jail for life?... The only place in the world I know is SAINT LUCIA OBVIOUSLY... They never even get the individual. So Just shut up, please shut up. IDIOTS


    • Shut ur a$$ and open your mind...worse happening in alot of places...you morons jus like to amplify things...do we have terror attacks?...NO!..are citizens afraid to be in public areas?....NO..!


      • U shut ur aas not cuz there ain't terrorist attacks means lucians safe.. Pssh some people ain't even wan go to crowded events yo only cuz dey fear a gun war will burst and they will b part of it. So u learn to keep ur anus shut if u ain't got nu. Good to same u dumb asshole?




    • It happened in the US where a gunman even shot a congressman. These people are more VIP than the PM of St. Lucia, they even have their own police force. So who is immune from world violence? Don't let your ignorance mess with your head.


      • And what happen to the gun man after that? That's the point!, you idiots are so frigging ignorant, trying to make a case "oh it happened there so it's ok for it to happen here." JACKASS !! Balloon head !!


  7. Ikr please Jesus come down I hope you already have your one way ticket to heaven .. all of this was said in the Bible just praise God.. live life and wait


  8. Whow. This crime situation is out of hand. I leave in St. Lucia and I did say St. Lucians make the biggest mistake of their lives by voting this man Chastanet. Yes he is not the one doing it but he has the power in his hands to change and amend the crime laws. Awah not a word not word from this empty man. His campaign was Kenny Kenny cannot deal with the crime but I will and I will make St. Lucia safe. Lol Chastanet where the hell are u to deal with the crime.


    • So you're saying Chastanet or the police can stop people from committing crime. No matter the punishment crimes will be committed. What we need is better trained, better equipped and all around better police officers to solve crimes. Consequence is what those animals understand. Give them some serious consequences. That can only happen if they are caught and prosecuted. And you know about the consequences of Kenny opening his behind to the Americans. A police force that is now afraid to act. Place was dead quiet after restore confidence because the criminals were afraid.


      • You said "Yes", Hurricane Chastenet will bring down crime rate . . . and voted for him. You were fooled. You blamed Kenny and LaCorbinere for not being able to halt crime and you voted for the Hurricane. So yes, my friend, we are asking the Hurricane to cash-in what he has promised. We were not fooled!


      • Police can only do damage. In order to prevent all this negative behavior parents, teachers and the country's leaders need to take a stand to invest in the future of their youth. Young people who are occupied in sports or in other extracurricular activities like music, church chorals, dance groups, mentorship programs etc, are always less violent. IDLE HANDS ARE THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP. So when we fail to guide our youth, give them positive role models, or allow them to have motivating programs we fail them.
        We fail our youth. As parents we need to take the time to teach and set examples. Don't wait for police to set them straight, it is our job to prepare them to be good people in society. Train them up from young.