BREAKING NEWS: Saint Lucia officials obtain sample of Coolie Town ‘death rum’; 10 persons referred for testing

BREAKING NEWS: Saint Lucia officials obtain sample of Coolie Town ‘death rum’; 10 persons referred for testing
CMO Dr Merlene Fredericks
CMO Dr Merlene Fredericks

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Officials are still very much proactive in bringing closure to the coolie town occurrence.

The Ministry of Health continues to respond to the incident which transpired in Coolie Town Roseau last week. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Merlene Fredericks noted, that as of Monday March 19th, there has been no additional severe cases or deaths resulting from the incident. However, over the weekend a number of persons who felt they may have consumed the substance came forward in order to get tested.

“Throughout the weekend we saw a number of persons who were concerned that they may have been exposed to the substance and we referred approximately 10 persons to the Victoria Hospital for testing and follow up. However, those cases were relatively mild but still out of precaution and given that they indicated that they may have been exposed we referred them to the Victoria Hospital where they could be tested and treated appropriately”.

Dr. Fredericks added that since the last update, someone came forward to provide a sample of the alleged substance which may have been ingested.

“At this point in time we can’t speak to absolutely what this sample is but we can say that it was a clear colorless liquid resembling water or strong rum. The Ministry accepted the sample and passed it on to the relevant authorities for further testing and verification. We would like to remind persons that we are still addressing and investigating this incident, a rather unusual incident in which as we indicated previously four persons have perished as a result of this. We believe that there is a toxin out there and we’re encouraging persons, should anyone come into contact with the substance or have any sample of it either bring it to us so that we can pass it on to the authorities for testing or dispose of it properly. Ensure that you pour it into the ground and that it disappears, do not throw away a container containing the substance, just should someone else pick it up and ingest it”.

The Ministry of Health is reminding persons to be wary about what they eat and drink to ensure they are safe at all times.


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  1. Quote......."there is a Toxin out there.....Into contact with the substance .....bring it to us......for testing
    or dispose of it properly...... pour it into the ground and that it not throw away a
    container containing the substance......." (believe me it wont work, like blowing into the wind.)

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? young people all over the world are dying like Flies because they ingest substance
    of this Opiod with booze or other substance like weed etc. It is said that most of this Opiod substance originates from Asia but mainly from China. Better to lecture the school kids about the danger at hand. #


  2. The property owner where this substance was stolen needs to be questioned as well. Why should you have such toxic chemicals in unlabeled containers? Why did they store those containers amongst other containers containing comsumables? Did the importation of such substance go thru the right channels or was this another smuggled item?
    Which other companies in StLucia still have this chemical in their possession? Will this chemical be banned or regulated here? Are we going to equip our hospitals with some kind of medication that can slow down the effects of this chemical is this were to repeat?
    Is this the death of the era of Spice Rum?


  3. And what about the guy that started all this? Surely there must be 4 murder charges pending? the silence on this is deafening!


  4. I truly hope the Public gets a report on what was found out after the white substance is tested by Health Officials. Don't leave us out in the dark so we can ensure that this never happens again.


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