New website for Lucian Carnival

New website for Lucian Carnival
A screenshot of the new website for Lucian Carnival.
A screenshot of the new website for Lucian Carnival.

PRESS RELEASE – The Carnival Planning and Management Agency (CPMA) has announced the unveiling of a new official website for Lucian Carnival, featuring portals designed to keep patrons abreast of all things Carnival at

The new website features a wealth of information on the festival, including a brief history of Lucian Carnival, results for this year’s mas in addition to those of previous years, a calendar featuring all the festival’s upcoming events, and a portal for the online purchase of tickets.

“The world is evolving, and consumers along with it,” noted Director of Carnival Gabriel “Teddy” Francis. “If Lucian Carnival is to remain relevant, we must meet our patrons in their realm. This website, along with our freshly minted social media pages, aims to do just that.”

For the first time ever, Saint Lucian musicians will also have a government-endorsed forum to showcase their artistry. The Lucian Carnival website includes a music player, streaming the music of any artiste submitting a 2014 Lucian Carnival track, and providing the Agency with approval to upload.

“It’s an important step forward,” said CPMA Chairman Lyndon Arnold. “We’re now able to create an identity for the festival that was absent in previous years. Lucian Carnival is the people’s festival, and the website is powered by the people; their music, their images, their carnival story on display for the world at large. Lucian Carnival can now globally embody the spirit of the Saint Lucian people.”


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