New vehicle concessions to reduce energy intensity of transport sector

New vehicle concessions to reduce energy intensity of transport sector

PRESS RELEASE – The Government of Saint Lucia, through the Cabinet of Ministers has approved new sustainable energy related concessions for the transportation sector.

This initiative is consistent with the national agenda to reduce the importation and use of fossil fuels on the island and to promote renewable energy and energy diversification.

These measures will also help realise tremendous economic savings for the country.

The transport sector is recognized as the largest consumer of imported fossil fuels.

The Government of Saint Lucia has, as part of a strategy to reduce the energy intensity of the transportation sector, through Cabinet Conclusion no. 282 of 2014, revised the import duties and excise tax rates on electric and hybrid vehicles.

The duties for eligible electric and hybrid vehicles range from 5% import duty and 0% excise tax plus $1000 to 10% import duty and 10% excise tax plus $6000 depending on the vehicle’s age and engine capacity (for hybrid vehicles).

This concession is valid for a period of 30 months effective 1st June, 2014 to 30th November, 2016.

The Value Added Tax (VAT) still applies to all vehicles.

Consumers currently enjoy a Duty and Excise Tax exemption on the importation of all vehicles and vehicle conversion equipment that allow operation on sustainable fuels.

To further increase the benefits to the entire country, the Government of Saint Lucia, through the Energy Section of the Ministry of Sustainable Development Energy Science and Technology will soon be signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP), to promote cleaner fuels and more efficient vehicles in the country.

This collaboration will offer critical support to Saint Lucia in reducing vehicle emissions and addressing the energy demands posed by the growing vehicle fleet.


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  1. They will charge an arm and a leg fo charging to. people open your eyes everything here is triple the actual cost. Lucians and other caribbean countries overcharge people on everything.


  2. That is the problem with this government. They always have these superficial ideas and no thought is given to the sustainability and maintenance of these unrealistic plans. To me if you are proposing such there ought to be all these measures in place.

    In fact they should lead by example. Kenny, Tony, Jimmy and company should put away their present vehicles and get hybrid ones. Then others will be encouraged to follow.


  3. Will the government be installing charging points in critical locations in the City (like Derrick Walcott square) and provide free parking at these points? There needs to be some sort of incentive apart from concessions as people do not want to buy these Electric cars and have to be battling with the gas guzlers in the rat race moving around Castries. Government needs to come better than that if they want drive adoption in SLU.


  4. If the government wants to lessen the impact that imported fossil fuels has on our economy, maybe we should start brewing our own fuel. The world over countries are moving towards the use of bio fuels, ethanol and bio diesel.ethanol is basically alcohol and bio diesel is oil.


  5. The hybrid uses a more complex system using two motors instead of one, the computer system works harder and switches motors from one to another - the more often a hybrid car will break down. This is the main reason many boat owners prefer one motor instead of the “double trouble”, whiles we know the gas engine uses only one motor.
    A benefit of having a traditional gas motor is it charges the batteries while it’s running. Many an electric car owner has been stranded just out extension cord range of an outlet
    If you like to lime, if you have a big family, if you have a weight to carry gas engine is the way to go, if you the busy type, gas might be the better way to go.
    Gas motors do better at high speeds and can deliver more power.
    Well you decide.....




  7. I could go on and on Do we really have a mistake in our Constitution? Can the prime Minister really endorse Constitutional reform? No. He wants to be PM for Life thats why SLP had to change its Constution and Mario had to run, meanwhile Pierre there crying to the USA on wikileaks saying in effect he will be an old man before he can become PM. Is this really a state that someone should be living in and be proud of? I doubt see how many police are leaving, nurses and other professionals while the children wreak havoc in the country. NO opportunities + No jobs = ?????


  8. This government is famous for appearing to give something but always have a cunning way of taking it back or more for that matter. There are countless examples.

    To these consessions i say, No thanks!! We cannot trust you. The government itself can't even trust its own departments. This is why we have so many duplications in the Service. Is a passport really a passport? Is an ID card really an ID. Not really, cause if the bank say that you need both then who am i!!! The Ministry of Transport issues a receipt to a person who pays his license. Is that acceptable to the police? No. Is there really a financial crisis in ST. Lucia? Where are the audited accounts to prove that? Are we really paying 15% VAT? Can you conduct a real inquest in St. Lucia? Go check for yourself, see what the law allows.

    I leave you to ask yourself further questions. Or maybe you have gotten all the answers from the politicians.


  9. Are there service stations or persons QUALIFIED to repair and, or service these electric and hybrid vehicles? Makes no sense to import these vehicles, yet WHEN those vehicles are in need of repair, you have someone doing a half-ass job.


    • Are you saying St Lucians cannot learn how to service hybrid and electric cars? Surely not.

      The government needs to make their charging system much simpler.


  10. "Consumers currently enjoy a Duty and Excise Tax exemption on the importation of all vehicles and vehicle conversion equipment that allow operation on sustainable fuels."
    In future,adds the article, they will be taxed 5% to 10% plus 1000$ to 6000$.
    And they call this raise"concession" LOL!!


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