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UPDATE: St. Lucian held with cocaine in Jamaica to face court Tuesday

By Jamaica Observer

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(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – Police are reporting that 25-year-old Akim Loctor, a dishwasher of Castries in St Lucia ,was yesterday charged with possession of cocaine; dealing in cocaine; and attempting to export cocaine.

According to detectives assigned to the Narcotics Division, the drug was found on Monday when security personnel conducted routine checks on passengers and crew who were returning to the cruise ship that was docked at the Falmouth Pier in Trelawny.

During the search, a package containing one pound of cocaine with an estimated street value of J$625,000 was taken from Loctor.

He is scheduled to appear before the Trelawny Parish Court on Tuesday, January 23.


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  1. Oh well too bad. Live by the sword and die by the sword.


  2. Money affi make ..food hav to eat..


    • Speak English


    • Well education is a start we are not the ones making money from drugs just remember that so the best thing to do is push your hungry belly and read a book get qualifications and become excellent


  3. Strange, people never clamour for the arrest of the kingpins fronting businesses, dressed in coat and ties and holding position of influence in the society. We pretend that the businesses are legit and treat them with reverence and are happy to perpetuate the illusion that the little " black boy " at the bottom of the barrel is the mafia.


  4. i just don't know why they don't learn from previous mistakes.
    Make the penalty not worth the attempt.........15 years before parole automatically, take away any discretionary sentencing from these jackass judges.


  5. is that a lodge ring on his finger?


  6. Dishwasher on a Cruise Ship -Good Job
    No rent to pay
    No Food Bill
    Save your money. Invest and reap rewards


  7. Well all I can say is maybe he chose to live in a small shack by the see because he had hundreds of thousands of dollars in cocaine so I guess it was his choice to live a simple life by the sea. I don't see the reason for all these negative comments because he left St.lucia at 19 yrs old and I guess that's the job he got to make himself in terms of money and citizenship and maybe more so I guess he did what he had to in order to survive


    • You are a very ignorant person I hope you NEVER breed. Did you ever hear of....If you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all dumb ass,idiots surrounded by idiots are very dangerous.


  8. All you Lucian never have something good to say about somebody that's why you all eh reaching noo were in lifere


  9. Wahh I know him eh my pass school mate


  10. His wearing a freemasons ring


  11. Thats the price you pay for wanting to live the high life,the Jim jones life....Look at him all jeweled up..He wanted to be rich like a celebrity..Look it their,you'll be living in up behind bars.Fast easy money....That dollar is you'll God...Do anything for it,even if it means carry drugs to another country...Not even you Homeland,prison in Jamaica not a bread of Roses,ask those who have entered,and all those inside...Loctor you have dreads get ready for the inmates to cut it off, my friend hope is not kingston you have to do your time...I sorry for your backside.You might be of service to someone in your cell,and you're a foreigner in another man country,in his cell come to take up space my boy...You in Trouble...Cocaine destroy lives, not even Ganja.


  12. I don't care what some of u might think of my opinion but thats how I feel. Akim u had an opportunity that a lot of persons wish they had. You just blew that away. You all will make it more difficult for those youngsters coming up. Things are already so hard. Just pray they send u here instead of taking jail in Jamaica. At least your family will be able to go check on u if u are here. And those people you used to send money for pronto, hope they come to your rescue. Jah alone knows.


  13. how much money does he makes as a dishwasher wearing all this GOLD? STUPID MAN!


  14. Keep him in jail hopefully the rest of them will learn from that.


  15. Loctor? Them people have a reputation.


  16. Some of these guys are getting opportunities and just blowing their lives. Although being a dish washer may not be a glorious occupation, at least one has a foot in the door for other things. I can name many people who started at the very bottom.


  17. Please let him stay in your prison for another twenty years,guess by then he might grow up thank you


    • Bad mind people


    • Please stop passing judgement and curses on people
      Pray for St. Lucia and the young people. It's soon sad to hear this. We're living in the last days.
      People stop because if it was your family member you would never speak that way. You wouldn't want any one to know. Go call out to the Father draw him down he is waiting.


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