New traffic regulation heavily criticised

New traffic regulation heavily criticised


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A new regulation, where a person driving a motor vehicle is required to produce a license on demand to a traffic officer, has been met with numerous criticisms.

Former Works Minister Guy Joseph has also joined the list of persons, who are not in support of this new requirement, which has been described as “ridiculous.”

Joseph has dubbed the new regulation as “unfair”, accusing the Ministry of Transport of being unable to deliver drivers licenses on time.

The former minister also claims that the licence office had ran out of material to produce the licenses, so that it takes people more than a week to get their driver’s license.

Some persons believe that every citizen should not have to suffer the consequences based on the actions of a few people that abused the 48 hours window period.

One of our readers said, “Why not refine and upgrade the current system? Give the traffic officers the technology they need to do their work efficiently, not ridiculous draconian laws to enforce.”

But another reader also said,” I have a license and I keep it together with my insurance document in the glove compartment. I have a national ID so I have no reason to take out my driver’s license from the glove compartment. We are sometimes too irresponsible. We have to learn the hard way.”

The Ministry of Transport said in a statement on Tuesday that the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act (2006) gives a traffic officer the authority to request that a person driving a motor vehicle produces a driver’s license for examination.

Failure to comply could result in a fine not exceeding $ 1000.00 or imprisonment for a period not exceeding three (3) months, according to the statement.

The statement continues: “publication of Statutory Instrument (SI) 46 of May 2015, violation of section 85 in the Motor vehicles and Road Traffic Act has been made a ticketable offense.”

The fine that this offense now attracts will not exceed $250.00 as opposed to the previous $1000.00.

The ministry also reminded that failing to wear a seatbelt or improper parking are also ticketable.


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  1. The country is largely in debt and right now the Government will do all in its power to bring in revenue for campaigning purposes with elections around soon! smh at y'all!! this is absurd!! $1000 for not carrying your driver's license....when its never issued on time by the Ministry of go there pay for your shit..the darn camera is always always out of order or it never works!! wth!! then you're given a receipt to walk around with...that can be so easily damaged...smh...c'mon where are we going!! Lucians wake the hell upp!!! And its the arrogance of these so called Ministers that come on and talk crap....when the ordinary man on streets will say "ma ka vote!! we have to understand their cries...cause there's nothing in their favor from those politicians...smdh I have been walking to the Ministry it will be NINE (9) months for my Driver's License...still have not been able to receive it as I get there...and the employees of the Ministry are always so apologetic "Im sorry Ma'am your driver's license is not ready yet uh!!!..smh...


    Don’t be alarm the ruling of this law is protection for you the law abiding citizen, operating a vehicle is a privilege of sort for the few so caution is needed when operating any motor vehicle, such is checks and balances, make no mistake a fraction of the could impose law regarding this entity has not been touch such as tail gating, speed limit, parking, drunk driving, vehicle inspection, wrong way driving, and the list goes on and on, failure to comply can be devastating on one’s financial position, it is far better to comply with the little laws you now have than muddying the waters, the rest given time is sure to come, be wise look before you leap, formed your own opinion knowing it’s you future destiny, unite my people.


  3. Ignorant people can't reason and are just stupid. I 'll always look at st lucia news because i' m free. U will always continue working for 5cts.That is what u worth on your language style.


  4. In other countries the first thing that an officer asks for when pulled over is one's registration papers and drivers license. So what is the difficulty in St Lucian's wanting to abide by the law. That is why this country cannot move forward...St Lucians dont like change period!


    • In those same countries you're referring to, the police officers also have technology available on the spot in their squad cars to verify and extrapolate every bit of information available on a certain vehicle simply by running the plates through their computer or making a request to their station dispatcher. There is also a certain time window for the individual in question at the time to produce a driver's license or other related document. So although I see your point, there is the bigger picture


    • Do some research buddy before making comments. Charging some $1000 for not having carrying your drivers ID is madness in fact its laughable


    • do you understand what the issue is fly girl.. Yes they ask for licence and registration sweety that is not the issue...


  5. Linda well said. Mind you, most of them want to pack and run away to the United SNAKES where this is the law. They'll look for all sort of nonsense to say now that it is implemented at home. In the US they'll simply put their tail between their legs and abide.
    A lot of these people don't like anything that calls for a little order and discipline.


  6. Nothing wrong with this law, St lucians need to wake up and accept progress. Guy is just making noise as usual, elections coming. License and registration please?


  7. Clearly this is another austerity measure. Remember Saint Lucia is saturated with debt. Surrky we know where the money went... Now it is straight forward, get it from the innocent members of the public. VAT, license charges and soon it's TV lincense taxes!!!!!!


  8. Lucians too so and don't want to progress in anything. Here in the french département its the law. Everybody abides to it. St lucien levez et progressez. U all too dam backwards. I eh regret i left st lucia 40yrs ago.


    • And no one in St.Lucia misses u. Remember many a French died trying to claim Sweet St.Lucia, 40yrs u sellout the patois for French, and u still in our business. Sounds like u more backward wasting ur forward time watching us lol. Kudos now make noise........


      • yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the time they leave st lucia, before a lucian talk about some thing tht affecting them they running calling them backward..............if lucians so backward..........what u coming to read bout them for.....farless comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        since when thats your role??????????


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