New traffic lights being installed in St. Lucia

New traffic lights being installed in St. Lucia

By Ministry of Infrastructure

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour (MIPEL) is currently implementing the roll-out of traffic lights installation on the island.

This is in our quest to ensure road safety and reduce traffic congestion, particularly in our urban areas by utilizing signalized junctions.

Most of the traffic lights around the island have been down from 2016. Up to that point, the systems were being kept alive by scavenging parts from other non-essential dead units. e.g. the Marisule intersection unit. When this was no longer possible, it became obvious that these old units would have to be replaced given that replacement parts were no longer being manufactured for them due to their age.

The ongoing works which are being carried out by Signal Specialist form Trinidad in conjunction with the Traffic Light unit in the MIPEL, includes the replacement of units at 6 intersections namely: Jeremie Street/ Bridge Street, Jeremie Street/ John Compton Hwy, Marchand, Brazil/Bridge Street, San Souci and Vieux Fort.

Upon completion, there will be a total of 9 functional units (9 intersections) on island given that the Units on Darling Road, Manoel/Hospital Road and Faux a Chaux continue to be functional and operational.

The replacement units will boast advanced state of the art Cobalt controllers from Econolite. This is a major upgrade from the ASC 2 controllers which they will be replacing and were installed in the year 2000.



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