New task force to look into the protection of children

New task force to look into the protection of children
Minister of Health Alvina Reynolds
Minister Reynolds

The island’s minister for gender relations and human services says the country is in crisis when it comes to children, illegal activities and sex.

The admission comes in the wake of the US Human Trafficking Report which listed the government of St. Lucia as not doing enough to address the problem.

According to the report, St. Lucia is a destination country for persons subjected to forced prostitution and forced labour and Washington said legal and illegal immigrants from Haiti, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Guyana, and South Asia, especially those working in domestic service, reportedly are the groups most vulnerable to human trafficking.

Gender Relations Minister Alvina Reynolds says government has taken several steps to address such issues. However a major hurdle remains actual reports of cases where persons have been trafficked or forced into commercial sex work.

The report said there are indications children under 18 are “coerced to engage in commercial sex in St. Lucia” and that sex trafficking victims are likely found among foreign women in prostitution.

Part of the government action plan is the establishment of a Commission Task Force to look into the protection of children including strengthen legislation. The minister says she is concerned about the number of children on the streets, the numbers more who runaway from home only to be harboured by adults who coerce them into participating in illegal acts.

The minister is hoping to improve St.Lucia’s standing from the Tier 2 Watch List on the US State Department Trafficking in Human report.



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  1. Taking a stand against human sex trafficking? is this a joke? What about all the St. Lucian girls who are molested Everyday in St. Lucia? What is your ministry doing to protect them?Give me a break!


  2. Lets get real here St.Lucians, read this story again. Did the Minister offer any facts or statistics on human trafficking? I am putting it to her to just supply between 10-15 reported cases in St.lucia. Facts, please give me some facts. This "hot air" from the US is of no value to me as a St.Lucian academic. Stop allowing the hepocracy of the US to manifest it self in our Country's image.


  3. Mr.Merrick is there any information around the 13 year old who died or even the 6 year old who has been molested by individual known by police or even related to a few officers. Man i heard that childs father on radio for the past 2 days and trust me if i was into my old life i would have taken the job.We making life to easy for these politicians, i am not using any offensive language then again i am not in Grenada. The horror stories just keep getting worse. Bloody hell people realize its so easy to do crime in St. Lucia they are actually coming here do it (referring to the so call suicide on a boat just outside Rodney Bay) Merrick not putting pressure on you because without your work man we will be in the dark on alot
    of events. Is just me or the horror coming of St.Lucia just keep gettin worse? How can we be proud with the BS we tolerate in our society?


  4. They need to enforce the law and stop protecting priest who molest bpys and girls in the roman catholic church


  5. It is very sad as a St.lucian living in the UK to read such news,and so shocking for St.lucia to tolerate such abuse to women and children.The United States has signed the UN Convention on the rights of the child but is one of three UN members not to have ratified it.Other three UN members are Somalia and South-Sudan.If to know further google US ratification of the convention on the rights of the child and make your own judgement.


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