Stabbing incidents reported in Babonneau and Castries

Stabbing incidents reported in Babonneau and Castries

Two persons were injured in stabbing incidents in Babonneau and Castries on Thursday and Friday, respectively, according to law enforcement officials.

On Thursday, Nov. 9, around 4 p.m. a 16-year-old, identified as Claudius Best of Babonneau, was stabbed with a scissors in his left side and left shoulder.

He was transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance in stable condition.

The other incident occurred just after midnight, on Friday, Nov. 10, when 39-year-old Sebastian Rosemond of Rockhall, Castries sustained a stab wound to the chest by a known individual.

He was transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance in stable condition.

Emergency officials received the report at 12:24 a.m.

It is not yet known if anyone has been arrested for either incidents, and additional details were not available.


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  1. Thought the politicians had all the ideas as to how to fight crime. Let them find the solutions. They getting pay to se eve. Sorry.


  2. In the 70s when I worked in Nigeria, the famous singer Felah Kuti, made a song POLITICIANS EXPENSIVE SHIT.


  3. I propose we come together as St. Lucians - ignore UWP, SLP or any political party - just St. Lucians and start coming up with solutions to deal with the increasing crime rate in our country. As concerned as we are as citizens of St. Lucia - we realize that very little is being done by those we trust with that responsibility. We need to deal with it before it festers, spreads and it's too late. Let us think...what can I do as a citizen to help in any way possible to help my country? Do I sit down and complain or take some action. St. Lucians Unite.


    • Isn’t this the problem - people are taking the law into their own hands and killing each other.
      It appears there are no consequences of breaking the law. An immediate response (not 8 years later) by the justice system is required whilst an offence is still fresh in the minds of the public - that way people will associate the punishment with a particular crime. There is no deterrent so no improvement.


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