New St. Jude Hospital to open this year – Minister Reynolds

New St. Jude Hospital to open this year – Minister Reynolds
Health Minister Alvina Reynolds. *SNO photo.
The hospital continues to operate out of the national stadium.
The hospital continues to operate out of the national stadium.

The new St. Jude Hospital could be completed and officially opened to the public before the end of this year, according to the country’s Health Minister Alvina Reynolds.

Reynolds told Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) supporters in Dennery on Thursday evening during a public meeting that while she is not pleased with the progress made, she will continue to push for it to be completed soon.

The minister boasted that a lot has been done by the current administration to improve the health care sector and more will be done in coming years once the party is re-elected.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Babonneau said that the SLP government cares about the health of its citizens and plans to continue building on the progress it has made.

Reynolds reminded supporters that it was the SLP government that repaired the Dennery Hospital at the tune of EC$2 million, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Tomas.

She said when the current government took office, several of the country’s health centres were in a state of disrepair and they made an effort to fix these issues left by the previous government.

The minister said the government has also built new health centres in Entrepot, Babonneau and Ti Rocher, Micoud, and has plans to build one in the community of Anse La Raye.

She also spoke to other issues which her ministry has successfully addressed, which includes, creating a suicide hotline and providing free medicine and social support to people living with HIV and aids.

Reynolds also noted that the government will be opening the new national hospital soon, which will address the many issues currently being faced at the current major hospitals countrywide.


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  1. This is a joke woman talking as thou is labour that allocated all the money to the rehabilitation of the Hospital stop it please and Micoud have no health center


  2. Minister for Health... you came and sat with St Jude workers and announced a date......that date has long passed and gone. and yet here you are again with another date. is this date to be trusted?? where is the proof where is the timeline for transition for handing over. SLP is a joke. Kenny spoke about UWP doing nothing....but look. ..SLP been in power almost a FULL TERM and yet still the hospital has not been opened. I kno I will not be fooled by you politicians but I hope the rest of the st lucians are not fooled either.


  3. A health center for the People of Anse La Raye. This is a shameful and desperate promise. You have not done anything of significance for the people of Babonneau that you represent directly and you are trying to fool the people of Anse La Ray. Honestly did Kenny tell you to say that? To get reelected Alvina will you will have to get out of the dream world that you currently reside in. I just can't wrap my mind around four more years of this. Seems to me that your entire group of failures are living in the enchanted world and there is no limit as to where your imaginations will take you.


  4. Too little too late Alvina. This too might most likely be another empty promise. If you succeed in opening this hospital in this election year then it would just prove your incompetence. What going to happen this year that couldn't happent last year? Are you only concerned about relection? You have only been there for a few years and you are behaving like a typical politician. More concerned about your job than about the people that you represent. This is the third time that you are going to strick out so do expect to be out.


  5. Another political affliated move by Alvina....When is she going to start doing real development of the health ministry without seeking some political eye....All she does is make sure she is politically correct and meanwhile there is chaos in health...


    • Revolves! That more like it. If ever revolves could morph into evolves, even better still. For now, all of SLP from last term to the present is so much hot air!

      I do not see the logic in electing anybody who would want to perpetuate the myopic indifference of the leaders and the rotten even stinking parliamentary representation of the SLP.

      How could anyone with a sound mind accept another five years of anyone who has succeeded in antagonizing our major trading partners and friends, undermining the justice system of another country in the process, for 30 pieces of silver? The same goes for anyone who has reduced native Saint Lucians to second class citizens just to line their pockets and close friends. The same goes goes for those who have engineered the further degrading of our national sovereignty by transferring responsibility of law and order to another country. Is that not further eroding any confidence in the fledgling CCJ?

      Muzzling the press like Cuba does, Freewill, Black Bay, Grynberg, and VAT, there is no other lasting memory etched painfully and vividly on the minds of all thinking Saint Lucians, other than the bitter legacy of SLP's "better days".


  6. Do they really think St Lucians are that ignorant and gullible? This is an insult. They for sure are not getting my vote this year. 'Better Days' meant better days for the politicians alone. Stfu


  7. AA. Alvina taking endless flak for that statement.
    The wait for the re-opening of St. JUDE's Hospital can best be described as a JUDICIOUS wait.


  8. What a load of surprised that she haven't fallen victim like "Pep".Cuz I see Kenny look like he allegdely want to get rid of the ones he know that will lose and replace them just before the elections to stand a better chance at the polls.So Alvina cross your toes and fingers!!!


  9. What a laugh!!
    Someone should take a photo of the current state of the "new St. Jude hospital" and make it available to the public.
    Even a blind person will see that there is NO WAY this hospital will be ready in 2016.


  10. How many in the SLP are NOT part of an actors guild? Or, what part of the set for this movie is being used this time around? We have seen all the other sets. Each year there is a big announcement of an opening. We must assume that these openings are taking place on a Hollywood movie set in California. We haven't seen anything real yet in Saint Lucia.

    So why all that fuss about nothing? Oh yes. There is an election coming. Which part of the hospital movie set will be used to try, to try and try desperately to fool the people again. The looming 17-0 loss got SLP jabbering foolishness every day.


  11. Thats all she doing announcing dates. Any clerk in the ministry can do that. What we not getting from her is credible explanations as to why it took so long, what is still needed and give abetter time frame. Dont be afraid Alvi tell us exactly your limitations and if there is really money to open it because the real money challenge will come when it open and to actually run it. This is the kind of information we expect from a minister, not idle chat like it go open this year. This year have 11 more months. Be up front


  12. these people are heartless.....after people had to suffer so long without a hospital, now yall coming and use "St. Jude's Opening this year" as an election gimmick! Yall eh see Kenny and Co have no shame?


  13. We cannot bear any more stupidness coming out of her desperate mouth. She sure want people to think she working now. Resurrecting every old project as if she has been doing something.


  14. Woman you and kenny alva mosa and the rest go hide your face. We will see bamboo flowers grow before we see that happen. Ib 2011 You all said 6 months tell kenny go and have another meeting there again this time and explain. You cannot even get all the diabetes meds for patient you talking crap. Where you all care? All your bold face lies to Staff of St.Jude and the population. SJH still have to shop at the supermarket to buy supplies for breakfast and lunch . Where is the report from the ministry of infastructure about the devastating state and the high risk on the life of patients and staff lives. The staff should down their services.but then again you all dont care but they care about the patients.May god bless them.LABOUR MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Alvina! we heard that last year...the year before and the year before!!!! You must be living in wonderland for true!!!!! ALICE!!!

    We have now taken a wait and see attitude....

    [email protected] YOU'LL PILITICIANS ...Then again it might just happen in this election year...desperation


  16. Politicians are so contradictory it amazes me . my questions to the minister is where was all that fire during your term ? why is only close to election time you decide to come out like a sales person on health to the people ? Meanwhile you haven't spoken about the kind of treatment st.lucian's receive from the health care . You did not mention and guarantee to the people who are on the waiting list to get dialysis treatment, that there wait will no longer be . Did you explain to the people that diabetes is a major cost of people losing their limbs and tell them an active solution to transporting these people to get treatment?? Are you satisfied knowing diabetic medication in the hospitals are not steadily in supply ?? Stop this playing of politics with health and especially where we live in a high diabetic society and start being proactive . Stop this selling of dreams like a diabetic research center where what we need is a diabetic management center . The crime lab is a perfect example of using the needs of the country for votes because up to now we cannot see anything happening while women are being rape with no justice .


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