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(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Saint Bryanson Soulage who goes my the stage name “Saint” but better known in his home town as S.T., has taken his collaboration with 459 Studios to another level.

According to Saint, it was only a matter of time until he and four time soca king of Saint Lucia, Arthur Allain got to this stage. They come from the same town (Soufriere), attended the same school and were on the same teaching faculty for a while. The two followed musical ambitions at secondary school, though Arthur was a few years ahead.

Bryanson has on many occasions in the past used the services of 459 Studio (which Allian owns) to do many of his recordings. But this time around misfortune lead to the fortune of “DAT Whine”, the new track.

After waiting for hours at 459, Arthur came into the sound of a new riddim that Bryanson had created. Arthur came in “vybing” lyrics to the tracks. Saint added his piece and as they say the rest is DAT Whine. The track is about giving the ladies what they want, adoration and energy. The two really hope that Saint Lucians take well to this latest release for this year’s carnival season.

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  1. Watch "SALCC - Dennery Segment" on YouTube

  2. "In the business of the art. Everybody tale risk" Dr Felicien.

  3. Women are disrespectful to themselves. You all eh say nothing when women are parading themselves naked in the streets, when it is staring you all in the flesh but you all see a cartoon, you all offended. The only reason why Soca artists make the music they do is to appeal to the taste of our women. You want the music and the art to change then change your taste. I am talking to all you hypocrites out there. Make noise when you see the women naked on the street then i will start respecting you all. "Every day should be carnival"

  4. This is most disrespectful to women, and what is even more demeaning, belittling and unnerving is this statement from them: "The track is about giving the ladies what they want, adoration and energy." This suggests that this kind of degradation, objectification, and disrespect is what women want?

  5. This poster is sooo not appropriate. I am very disappointed.

    Is this the image we want to create for our kids, no wonder they have no respect for women.

  6. i dont say we cannot promote our own but this is the news and not some poster by the road this the most disgusting and disrespectful picture i have seen.

    • Yes Its Entertainment News Bruh...We're in the carnival Season (if u didnt notice) plus u reacted to it ,which is exactly wat the artist wanted...shock value

      • what you saying there not making no sense about reaction the only reaction the artist would be looking for is a positive one being to go to listen to his song and SNO should be more sensitive to the pictures they portray for the viewing public. is people like yall that want to do what yall want and think every nasty thing you do is all good and merry and have no damn sense and morals and also it being the carnival season does not justify your reason for posting such a vulgar picture


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