UPDATED: SLP questions “Sandals 100% exemption from payment of Withholding Tax” from 2001 to 2009

UPDATED: SLP questions “Sandals 100% exemption from payment of Withholding Tax” from 2001 to 2009
Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire.

(PRESS RELEASE) – The attention of the Saint Lucia Labour Party has been drawn to Cabinet Conclusion Number 642 of 2017, dated August 21, 2017, which grants the “Sandals Resorts International Group 100% exemption from the payment of Withholding Tax, for the period 2001 to 2009.”

The attention of the Saint Lucia Labour Party has been drawn to Cabinet Conclusion Number 642 of 2017, dated August 21, 2017, which grants the “Sandals Resorts International Group 100% exemption from the payment of Withholding Tax, for the period 2001 to 2009.”

The effect of this decision is to waive the payment of Withholding Tax owed by the Sandals Group over a period of eight years.

By all accounts, this decision by the Cabinet of Ministers, purportedly made pursuant to section 130(1) of the Income Tax Act, Cap 15.02, is extraordinary and highly unusual. The Prime Minister and Minister for Finance must explain to the public:

1. Why the decision was taken;

2. Whether the decision was taken on the recommendation of the Comptroller of Inland Revenue;

3. The total revenue which has been lost;  and

4. Whether the same exemption will be applied to other hoteliers.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party notes that Section 130 (1) allows Cabinet to exempt or remit the payment of taxes by anyone where it is satisfied that it is just and necessary. However, at a time when the Prime Minister has said that the country is not earning enough revenue to meet the cost of basic social services, when many schools have re-opened in a dilapidated state, when parents cannot afford school books and uniform, when the hospitals can no longer provide basic health care and medicines, the Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on the Prime Minister to explain how exempting Sandals from paying millions of dollars in taxes is just and necessary!


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  1. D. Lyer, the liar have me very confused. Trying to cover one lie with another lie is all that the SLP has done over the years starting with Jorge the Oddlamp.

    It is such a habit for SLP. Right now they have lost track of what is true from what is not true. Nowadays, they are just happy to repeat more lies.

    Teacher Percy say if you tell a lie, you going to Hell as soon as you die.


  2. This motor car has a very bad brand name. It has "liar" as part of its name. Me? I'm not buying any of that. No garcon. You think I'm stupid.


  3. hi-liar suffers from a lying disease and that has been crippling the liar for a long time now. is that the kind of guy the people want in public office? imagine if his party get near government coffers again.


  4. I feel very sorry for my friend Peep. He getting lashes from Heel Hitlyer every time they contest the court of public opinion.

    We all know now what is going on. L00k it here now too! Heel Hitlyer always gets more replies. Is it because one is better at lying than the other?

    I am just asking. I dunno. So, I asking. Somebody help me.


  5. I thought butch hated chastenet, as he destroyed Air Jamaica....lol.....lets not run with the propaganda, there is a plausible explanation for this.


    • the slp has already been proven to be liars with a false accusation and it only took one day. keep on proving yourselves to be lying idiots, slp. it is amusing


  6. This move by the government is highly unusual and suspect in a time when our suffering is suffering. I am not a Labour party supporter but i am St Lucian and i agree and endorse the questions posed to the Government of the day.
    Sandals Chain forego paying taxes collected from the people, to be used for the business of the people and use that money for their personal development as a company. Aren't St. Lucians giving enough?


  7. We need a spread in the New York Times on Sandals REFUSAL to pay a small and poor Caribbean state corporate tax that is due. you will see how fast they paying it ! let their customers know how they treat those poor black people in the islands with dirty tricks coming to plunder small islands with no regard. They could never try that shit in the US.


    • yeah, go ahead and hold your breath. your party was lying. even the dubious ny times would not touch anything backed by the slp. misinformation and fake news is the slp way


  8. This is exactly what Sandals attempted to do in Antigua and their patriotic cabinet said: No way. We can reduce the taxes owed but to negate it completely spells economic disaster for our country, especially since this favour needs to be extended to other hotels. So then PM Brown called Butch who was hopping mad.

    In St. Lucia, neither our cabinet nor PM is patriotic. They are busy dismantling every institution, giving away our assets, agreeing to be investor's fools and refusing to pay attention to their duties. Hurricane UWP is dangerously disastrous and I'm losing hope that we'll ever recover.


  9. And the poor keeps paying for the rich. With Sandals making so much and getting exemptions; how many others getting free ride on the backs of the poor.


  10. But that's tax from the time slp was in power. Y didn't they make them pay it then. Y is now they not I power its a problem and when they were it wasn't a problem


  11. today I went to the post office and got a letter reminding me that I have to pay property Taxes of $500 for the current year.

    Now I am thinking I as a St Lucian paying property tax every year.

    It pay better if I do not pay it.


  12. The St Lucia Labour Party wants to govern when they are in office and after they've been voted out they still want to govern. Oppose when you should and stop making up these stories


  13. I do not understand, can some one explain to me . 2001 -2009 no taxes. S,L.P Was in power , nothing done about it. Now U.W.P In power nothing done about it. Every one on this island must pay their fair share in taxes. It is time we open our eyes and say, enough is enough. ST. LUCIA COMES FIRST.


  14. Where can we invest our monies, there are NO incentives for the Diaspora back home. I recently read an article where the Jamaican Diaspora are investing heavily back in their Country because the government have offered them incentives to do so. We Looshans have nothing going for us, no matter how much we offer free advice to the current government, nothing!


  15. From 2001 to 2009 which Party was in charge? both Party is to be blamed
    they both make mistakes. Who is the leader of the S.L.P. and where is He?


  16. yeah, try to run out the biggest employer besides the govt in st. lucia. good idea, slp. just because you have never been able to attract any long term businesses no need to attack those that have big impact on the island and thousands of people. therer are not enough sheets of plywood for you to keep the people employed if those jobs were not there. Anse Chastanet doesn't pay nic. are you going to call them out? wasn't kenny the pm during some of this time? seems he should have insisted on sandals paying the taxes if he did not condone it. slp is always like the pot calling the kettle black. they are so hypocritical and unoriginal. get over your complaining it will make no difference just like your term in govt.


  17. According to the article, this is in reference to withheld tax for the period 2001-2009. Wasn't the Labour Party in office during the period 2001-2006? From my understanding of this matter, the former government were well aware of the case brought forward by Sandals against the Inland Revenue Department. So why are they now making it appear like this is news to them? Both parties seem to ask fundamental questions only as a matter of convenience to their agenda in hopes of holding on to power. I think we, as St.Lucians, should be pissed with ourselves even more than with these "politrickans" because we have allowed them to use the halls of the house of government as a playground. All I have witnessed over the years is constant bickering and useless drama by government after government, with no intelligent and sincere attempts at rebuilding this nation's economy, education system nor healthcare reform. Absolute nonsense!! And we continue to support it by taking sides and trash-talking each other while these guys sit back and laugh all the way to the bank.


  18. Allan Chastanet must pay back to Butch Stewart...there is no free lunch. When you'll will start crying it will be too late, by that time Sweet St. Lucia will be going crazy


  19. eeeeee- first time I see SLP up to something good! Hope to see those questions addressed by the PM soon.


  20. Isn't withholding tax a tax which is deducted from an employee/contractor and paid on to Government?
    So if they're exempted then this should be paid back to employees/ contractors cause its their money!!!


  21. All the money that was being paid out during election where yall think it came from....Why you think the Chinese and Butch have Chastenet by his balls? It's payback time!