New search warrants served in Botham Jean investigation

New search warrants served in Botham Jean investigation
Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, left, was arrested and charged with manslaughter Sunday for the Thursday night shooting of Botham Jean, right.
Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, left, was arrested and charged with manslaughter Sunday for the Thursday night shooting of Botham Jean, right.

(NBC) — Newly released court records show three additional search warrants have been served in the investigation into the death of Botham Jean, the Dallas man shot and killed in his own apartment by Dallas police officer Amber Guyger.

Guyger has told investigators she mistakenly believed the apartment was her own and that Jean was a burglar.

The new warrants show investigators with the Dallas County District attorney’s office have been seeking additional video footage from surveillance cameras on townhomes across the street from the South Side Flats apartments where Jean and Guyger both lived.

Two of the warrants request doorbell video from two addresses on Arch Place. The warrants were served on “Ring,” a California-based company that provides doorbell security cameras systems.

In a third warrant, investigators are seeking security camera video from ADT Security Services, for additional camera footage from an address on Arch Place.

A resident at one of the homes targeted in the search warrants told NBC 5 that investigators were looking for video showing Guyger and Jean’s apartments. The resident said the view from his camera is obstructed. Video of the area may be crucial evidence for investigators as they try to re-trace Guyger’s steps in the minutes leading up to the shooting.

Guyger has told investigators she returned home at the end of her shift and found the door ajar at what she believed to be her apartment. In an arrest warrant affidavit, investigators have said Guyger described seeing a “large silhouette” in the apartment and that she gave ”verbal commands that were ignored” prior to firing the shots that killed Jean.

Jean’s family and their attorneys dispute those accounts and say information they have gathered from witnesses will contradict Guyger’s statements.

Guyger has been arrested and is facing a manslaughter charge but Dallas County prosecutors have said they will conduct their own review to determine if a murder charge or other charges are more appropriate.


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  1. Search warrant for everywhere except the criminal's/ perpetrator's apartment. They freed her on bail within 24 hours of the incident and allowed her to vacate the apartment without it. Searching her apartment could have most likely revealed is there was any connection between the victim and the officer or info about a lifestyle or drug habits. Now they want to pretend they are looking for evidence.


  2. I've been following this story over the last two weeks. I think it's rather unfortunate what has happened to this innocent young man and the individual who is guilty should pay within the confines of the law. I am also lost for words at the amount of hatred and public outcry for justice. I ask. Why is there the expectation that justice should be served in two weeks. Don't we expect it to go through a process. As St. Lucians we should be all too familiar with situations where justice is never served in our own country. Our young people are being killed repeatedly. Our police have this day no justice. So I plead....let us support this grieving family in a positive, fair and unbiased manner.


    • I couldnt agree with you more. Aswell, Im not sure if its because of the family name, but it seems we are skewed in the justice we want. While others get no justice, even locally, to the cry of NO ONE, we all cry for justice, while we have no control over the Dallas justice system. Its a bit laughable. But I myself am very sorry for the family's loss. And believe it could have been a mistake on the officer's part. With that said, she needs to be held accountable for her mistake. She must be held accountable.


    • Who are you and what worked are you living in? Have you not been seeing what is going on?
      That America has declared was on blacks? That the police can shoot down and innocent black individual and all the evidence in the world to show their guilt will say they're innocent, all the videos on the world showing otherwise and they will say it was justified... That's why she's making th is story about her mistaking the guy apartment for hers, how could that be when she lives in the floor below? Have you not been seeing what is going on against blacks in the world and in America? Most times the family walk and pro test for justice and the justice system still fails them, remember the story of the seven year old girl that was shot in her head as she slept in her home with her grandmother? Then they said that the grandmother grabbed the officer gun that caused it to go off, and the lady can barley get up from a chair, the judge came and dismissed all charges against the officer cause he was a white man, but sent a black officer for life cause a white boy was shot in a vehicle that many officers shot at not knowing that the boy was in, but it just happen to be the black officer to take the fall and sent for life in prison.... Who ever you are you must be white or blind for saying why they expect justice in two weeks? Cause they are known for covering up their tracks and lying, now they saying they found drugs in his house, because every black that they kill had drugs or a gun,


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