New role for St. Lucian/British personality

New role for St. Lucian/British personality
Delia Dolor
Delia Dolor

The woman, who was the only student from her United Kingdom university chosen to have tea with Queen Elizabeth II, has landed a new publishing role.

British-born, Saint Lucian citizen, Delia Dolor, host of the popular Dolor Factor Live broadcast on DBS, and managing editor of the award-winning SHE Caribbean magazine, is now editor-in-chief of an international luxury magazine, which she says is “compliment to luxury magazines worldwide”.

Dolor is sketchy with the exact details of the magazine but says this is because she’s fine-tuning the concept with the magazine’s investors and wants to be the first to announce her intentions.

“I am not one for rumours and prefer to ‘tell it is like it is. Excuse the pun,'” she said.

Dolor is also the executive producer and presenter of RSL97’s “Tell It Like It Is”, a one-of-its-kind talk show where the guests determine the subject they want to talk about. The show moved from night time to day time scheduling this year: Monday’s 2-3 p.m.

Dolor is the longest-serving managing editor of SHE Caribbean magazine – five years. She says she looks forward to continue working with STAR Publishing as she travels the region. Dolor’s article in the current SHE, “Vaginal Interludes…If your vagina could talk to you, what do you think she’d say?” is causing a worldwide stir.

SHE Publisher Mae Wayne said, “Delia might not be at every editorial meeting to listen to my antics or constant changes on the editorial plan but she will always be a friend of SHE. I look forward to her continued support and contributions in our next issues. Wishing Delia the very best always!”

UK TV presenter and author, Julia Bradbury, host of BBC’s Keeping Britain Safe 24/7, joined Dolor at Ladera Resort to congratulate her on her new move.

“From British TV, radio, magazine and newspaper; bringing her skills to Saint Lucia, and now she’s sharing it with the international arena in other unique ways… There’s no doubt the sky’s the limit for our classy Delia.”

Dolor is also the coordinator and member of the Nobel Laureate Week Committee which is chaired by Saint Lucia’s Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy.

Nobel Laureate Week takes place from January 20-26, 2014.


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