New road and footpaths for residents of Tomazo

New road and footpaths for residents of Tomazo
Harold Dalson
Minister Dalson

The Saint Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF) has approved plans for the construction of a new road and footpaths in Tomazo in Dennery North.

The contract has been awarded to Anthony Terrance and was signed during a brief ceremony on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at the SSDF headquarters.

Minister for Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment,  Honourable Harold Dalson, says the project is aimed at protecting the livelihood of the residents by ensuring access to proper amenities.

“Right now the residents in that community are struggling to access their homes whenever it rains because the foot traffic in that area has rendered the place very uneven and it becomes extremely slippery whenever it rains, and in some cases impassable, and these are not conditions our people should have to live their daily lives. The community has a poverty index of 1.5 which suggest that they are not affluent and so any assistance the SSDF which is responsible for alleviating the plight of vulnerable and poor people will be welcomed.”

The scope of works to be undertaken include the construction of 153 meters of road along with proper drainage and the resurfacing of an existing bridge.

Parliamentary Representative for Dennery North, Honourable Sean Edward, says the community of Tomazo is well deserving of such attention from Central Government.

“Ever since I assumed ministerial office, the SSDF is one of the state agencies I have had to work with and I must say I am very impressed with the manner they execute their work plan, and one thing that has impressed me is the fact that they undertake needs assessments before projects are initiated, and as long as they continue to resort to that method I have no doubt that Dennery North will continue to benefit because our needs are many.”

The Tomazo Road drainage bridge construction project is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank at a cost of EC$288,191.

It is expected to be completed in three months and will benefit an estimated 75 households.


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