New provisions market jump starts the Castries Vision Plan 2030

New provisions market jump starts the Castries Vision Plan 2030

(PRESS RELEASE) – A significant part of the Castries Market Redevelopment Project has been officially handed over to the Castries Constituency Council.

The handing over of the new Provisions Market was done on Sunday May 3, 2020 at the facility.

The newly completed project will accommodate all provisions vendors, particularly those who were temporarily housed at the old fire station site on Jeremie Street.

In the coming days all vendors will be relocated at their new home.

The new Provisions Market marks the start of government plans to develop and transform the city of Castries as part of the Castries Vision Plan 2030 and serves as a catalyst for progressive transformation in Castries.

In addition to the Castries Market Redevelopment Project, other enhancement initiatives scheduled to commence are the sidewalk rehabilitation project, the upgrading of George V Park, Heroes Park, and the Derek Walcott Square, the pedestrianization of the William Peter Boulevard and beautification and enhancement to Bananes Bay.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony on Sunday, Castries Mayor Peterson Francis stated that the New Provisions Market is only one piece of a larger and bolder agenda to build Castries and a new St. Lucia.

“Many nations before us have walked remarkable paths of progress, and we’d be wise to learn from their experiences. Take Singapore, for example. 50 years ago, it was a backwater Asian port; today, it is a global powerhouse of commerce. Now that’s a big reason to map out city-planning and the future growth of Castries as is being done in the Castries Vision 2030. We must consider where our people are today, and where they will be in the coming years, what they will need and how smart decisions today can serve their future interests.”


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  1. Never seems to amaze me. Watch the vision carefully. Persons crossing street at all locations, ppl still struggling carrying breadfruit on their head whiles a whiteman, politician or Syrian drives by in an expensive vehicle, and is that a hooker standing there with that mini skirt. A Lucain drew this up I think.


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