New population census for Saint Lucia coming

New population census for Saint Lucia coming

SNO – Beginning on May 12th, 2020, a new national population and housing census will begin in Saint Lucia, which will help the government determine strategic policies and programmes for the next decade.

The theme for the census is “Konté Sent Lisi.”

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet is now calling on all Saint Lucians to be part of the process and get counted.

” I am appealing to as many Saint Lucians as possible to please cooperate with the enumerators as they carry out their duties,” he said.

He stated that 550 enumerators are being trained and will work on the census.

“Enumerators are currently undergoing a significant amount of training, in order to adequately prepare them to carry out this mammoth exercise and to allow for the most accurate collection of data,” the Prime Minister said. “The information which you will be providing is protected by law and you have the highest assurance that any information which you provide, will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. Please provide information which is as accurate as possible.”

He explained the aim of the census.

“The aim is to have a very comprehensive assessment of your country, to allow for the accurate delivery of initiatives to remedy some of the ills in the society, such as poverty, inequality, substandard healthcare and the lack of adequate housing,” Chastanet said.

A population and housing census is carried out in Saint Lucia every ten years.


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