New partnership road projects to begin soon

New partnership road projects to begin soon

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Port Services is fine-tuning plans for the commencement of at least two public/private partnership road projects.

Under the terms and conditions, the projects will be undertaken jointly by the State and a private entity.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Port Services, Alison Jean, says the Government of Saint Lucia welcomes public/private partnership road projects.

“We have some public/private partnership roads that we expect to commence in this financial year, one is in Piaye Saltibus and the other in Laborie.   The terms of reference for these projects are being developed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and this time we will have unsolicited bids, which means that tenders will go out for the finance, design and construction of these project, so they will be opened up for public tender.”

In addition, the Ministry of Infrastructure has also placed as a priority the rehabilitation of the Millet to Venus road which is very important to the farming community.

The Permanent Secretary says this project is down for execution during the current financial year.

“That Millet to Venus road was constructed under a tertiary road rehabilitation project about six years ago but we have about four landslides in the area which has severed the road completely, so cognizant of the agriculture and eco-tourism projects in the vicinity we have placed that road project for execution very soon.”

In addition to proper road conditions the projects will also create employment and stimulate economic activity.


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