New park, market for Laborie

New park, market for Laborie
Community Square.
Community Square.
Community Square.

PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Social Transformation, Local Government, and Community Empowerment in collaboration with the Ministry of Physical Development, Housing, and Urban Renewal and the parliamentary representative for Laborie, Hon. Alva Baptiste, recently held a presentation ceremony where plans for a park and market facility in Laborie were unveiled.

Ms. Juliana Alfred, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Transformation, gave the assurance of the Ministry’s support to the project and the importance of getting feedback from residents on the project design.

“Funds have been made available for this project, and today we are here for two basic reasons: the Ministry of Physical Development wanted to share its progress with the community; and we would like to get feedback on the project, whether it be through council or through the Social Transformation officers, on the way forward.”

The new park design has a stage at the front and a two story market building at the back.

Mr. Poyotte explained: “We plan to raise that building and create an upper floor. A restaurant will be placed on the upper floor and that same space can be used as a meeting area or recreational area. The market activities will happen on the ground floor within an open space.”

Minister Baptiste stated that the Laborie market is near to his heart and that the new design will be in sync with the historic architecture of the Laborie village.

“For a very long time now I have been asking for a new market and square in Laborie,” he said. “Now that I am in office I felt that it was time to make it happen. I believe in time all the buildings in Laborie will have a consistent architecture – one that will be in consonance with what is Laborie. I do not want the design to affect the scenic history of the Laborie village.”

Residents commended the parliamentary representative for the project.

“The old market was not good,” one resident said. “The roof was leaking. This is a good thing for the people of Laborie who have been asking for a new market.”

Construction on the newly refurbished Laborie Park and Market facility will commence during the 2016/ 2017 financial year. The project cost is EC$1,334,410. The presentation ceremony was held on Thursday, Aug. 6.


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  1. Not me that voting for u.again. almost 5 yrs u in office and is now u want to work. Crap. No more wining for u. Step down.


  2. “Now that I am in office I felt that it was time to make it happen. " really alva?? u say that like u were in and out of the office. sad to say, but u dont have to do shit and laborie will always make ure fully employed, laborians, do not let this distract you from what is currently going on at anbar koko, sign the petition and let ur actual voices be heard now till the date nears!


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