New OECS project to tackle climate change

New OECS project to tackle climate change

(GIS) – Resident British Commissioner Steve McCready, recently launched the OECS Climate Change Implementation Plan Project in Saint Lucia.

The UK is presently working with the OECS in a number of areas including the Commonwealth Economies Programme, and on May 8, Mr. McCready announced that the two parties had just completed yet another area of cooperation with the focus on climate change.

“On behalf of the British government, I am delighted that the UK has been able to partner with the OECS in this important piece of work through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Global Britain Fund,” he said. “As the plan itself recognizes, the OECS is best placed to lead on the development of a genuine meaningful regional approach to tackling climate change in the Eastern Caribbean. This project lays the foundation for the OECS Commission and its member states to begin to formulate a regional approach to achieving climate mitigation and adaption goals.”

Mr. McCready also shared some insight as it pertained to the report.

“The report that has come out of this project is important because after almost a year of consultations with people relevant to the field, the work concludes by highlighting proposals in two specific practical areas of importance for the Caribbean: mitigating the effects of transportation, and adaption to ensure clean water supply in the Eastern Caribbean.”

The Resident British Commissioner went on to point out that climate change continues to be a top priority for the UK. At the upcoming Zero Emissions summit in September, he said the work of the OECS report will form part of the discussions.

Director General of the OECS, Dr Didicus Jules, thanked the UK for their involvement, stating that the report would now inform new discussions in the areas addressed. According to Dr. Jules, based on findings that the transport sector is one of the largest users of fossil fuels, it is an opportune time for renewed conversations with mini bus operators across the region.


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