New NYC Student Council elected

New NYC Student Council elected

PRESS RELEASE –  The National Youth Council Student Council general elections have been completed. Over the years NYC has continued to engage the student council framework and has established young vibrant leaders who have continued to excel and make meaningful contributions to their communities, country and beyond.

President – Jaden Joseph

Vice president district 1-4- Jadai Francis

Vice president district 5-8- Naomi Saltibus

General Secretary- Ajani Lebourne

Assistant secretary- Tessa Monchery

Treasurer- Kazia Lionel

PRO-Jasmine Verdant


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  1. Why don't Digicel donate a cellphone ( a good one) to each member (with a package). As you can see they are from different schools, far apart and will need some form of communication at a low cost.

    They did it for the parliamentarian, who could have afforded it.


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