UPDATED: Fire destroys Folk Research Centre

UPDATED: Fire destroys Folk Research Centre

The Folk Research Centre, located on Calvary Road, Castries, was destroyed by fire, according to official reports.

Emergency officials received the report at 10:19 p.m. Sunday, March 25 and units from Gros Islet and Castries were dispatched.

The building was found partially engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived, and despite their efforts the building was completely destroyed.

There were no report of loss of life or injuries.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

The Folk Research Centre was established in 1973 as repository for cultural heritage, a vehicle for research, study, recording and promulgating Saint Lucia’s rich heritage.

It houses an extensive library of publications, audio visual recordings and photographs and is the major study centre for work carried out into Saint Lucia’s folk culture by both nationals and visiting researchers and students.



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  1. Hope there are backups.
    If not it's time to back up other documents held on file elsewhere eg. The Archives at Vigie


  2. st.lucian ppl and government to negligent. That y things like this happen. I mean important places like this should have 24 hour security. fire alarm system. but do any important building have this in St. Lucia that a big no no.

    that is a big blow for the St. Lucian history and culture. Probable there will have a replacement culture and so they burning the previous one.


  3. Such a tragic loss of our recorded and documented cultural heritage as decades of research have gone up in flames. The FRC was also an intimate venue for many plays, presentations and performances and this means that the National Cultural Centre is one of the few spaces left in Central Castries for the performing and visual arts. Going forward we must install state-of-art fire detection (and prevention) systems at all buildings e.g. Civil Status Registry, Land Registry, National Archives and National Trust which house vital public records and priceless national artifacts. The loss of the FRC building has me feeling that Saint Lucia is becoming a cultural desert. I hope, for the sake of society, that this fire was not the result of foul play.


  4. Guarantee that not one person will castigate the management of the FRC. We have a history of fires in CASTRIES yet you allow another one to destroy the historical contents and a wonderful building.
    Irreplaceable St Lucia history!!
    Guaranteed also that given the Labour Party control of such organizations the blame will soon fall on Allen and the government.
    When will we wake up to the useless incompetent people in this country completely enthralled with themselves. Guaranteed the mismanager are the same ones attacking the govt from everything they do.
    History up in flames and make no MISTAKE -- irreplaceable! I am as mad as ever but these useless hacks will act as though it had nothing to do with them.


  5. This breaks my heart. I was a hub for many friends who were researching St. Lucia's history - especially folklore, song and dance. Long live the FRC. Hoping there were copies of documents and recordings held off-site.


  6. Think investigators need to take stock and engage themselves in a closer analysis of those fires that are occurring. Maybe we are in the dry season and bush fires are rampant, however, speculation will arise when we see a trend in the destruction by fire of State assets involved in development and culture. Lets keep our eyes and minds open for the next and lets see whether its purely coincidental.


  7. Well,the fire start by itself,what cause the fire Electrical,problems....I dont think so,the same Kenny Anthony"....Supporters are the ones causing all these Fires to our landmarks and Government property in St.lucia.A complete Investigation must be done....A complete Investigation...Labor destroying St.Lucia just to make Allan Chastanet Administration spend monies,and think this will cause them to step down...I tell the PM.its time to get RADICAL,the UWP to passive..This fire was intentionally set...


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