New mayor for Castries

New mayor for Castries
Shirley Lewis, new mayor for Castries
Shirley Lewis, new mayor for Castries

The Castries Constituencies Council, formerly recognised as the Castries City Council, inaugurated Shirley Lewis as the new mayor of Castries.

The inauguration ceremony was held on the December 14, 2012 at the City Hall. This ceremony held particular significance as the previous day, December 13 marked the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the Castries City Corporation.

As mayor of Castries, Lewis is the chief executive administrative officer in charge of carrying out the policies set by the Council and seeing that these polices, regulations and local laws are enforced.

According to Minister for Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment, the Honourable Harold Dalson, part of the mayor’s new duties would also be to facilitate the delivery of services to her constituency and spearhead initiatives that seek to engender a healthy co-existence with corporate organisations and the general populace while guiding the Council in its normal course of deliberations.

“I wish to challenge you Madam Mayor and as you chart the way forward for your constituencies to take stock of the service delivery programs and engage your communities in continuing the struggle for a better life for your constituents. This government attaches a high premium and development of a growing economy in the creation of decent work, sustainable livelihood for our people and in that regard we urge you to seek creative ways to help us achieve that mandate.”

A native of Barbados, Lewis is also a graduate of the University of the West Indies and the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica.

In the span of her career, Lewis spent time as the deputy registrar of the Supreme Court of Barbados and has participated in various organisations.

For her part, Lewis addressed her appreciation to council and to Minister Dalson.

“I would like to express our appreciation to the Honourable Harold Dalson as the minister responsible for local government under whose jurisdiction we fall. Members of the Council thank you for you consistent readiness, listening to our various complaints and even more importantly for attempting to respond favourably to our requests with respect of financial short falls. We also look forward to the continued cooporation of other members of parliament, who represent the Castries Basin constituencies.”

Lewis is included in a long line of notable mayors such as Peter Foster, Julian R Hunte and the first mayor appointed after the establishment of the Castries City Corporation in 1967, Joseph Desir.


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  1. Dear Mrs Mayor,
    Dreadful plight of staff and students at Dunnottar School, Castries, St Lucia.

    I spent all of November as a volunteer from the UK at Dunnottar School in Castries, St Lucia working with staff and students in the Vocational Centre. As you know, there are 80 plus students aged from about 5 to 25 years there - all with a variety of learning difficulties including Down's syndrome and autism.
    I feel it is my duty to bring to your attention the very very dangerous state and insanitary state of the school building, as I understand the main beam that holds the house up is totally unstable having rotted away and being eaten by termites over many years - with no repair work being carried out at any time.
    The Head, Miss Antonia Joseph and all the teaching staff there do an amazing job in appalling and unsanitary conditions as the main school building - built in the 1880's - is both extremely dangerous and in a terribly dilapidated condition. This situation has been greatly exacerbated since Christmas when the school was broken into and the few pieces of equipment they had has been stolen. The school in now infested with termites, rodents and roches and mould growing everywhere throughout the school where it is so damp . To add to these terrible health hazards , the Ministry of Health have recently inspected the site to discover that the sewage system has been accumulating 100 % faeces under the main school building for years and years - unbeknown to the staff. This is a huge health hazard in itself and probably accounts for the outbreak of D & V in November affected both staff and students and could lead to much more serious life threatening illnesses.
    I understand that now the Education Department and the Government of St Lucia have said they will give ZERO assistance to the school making NO provision for any vital renovations or re location - or helping the school in any way at all - which seems unbelievable? I know there is a 'new' hospital on the outskirts of Castries half of which has stood empty since it was built - perhaps temporary school could be established there?
    I am desperately appealing to you to look into this matter on behalf of all the children there so I do hope you understand my letter to you. I am 'granny' to 7 grandchildren and it is heartbreaking to think about the Dunnottar students, so please can you help them in any way?
    Yours faithfully
    Mrs Christine Seward / Hampshire UK


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