New market redevelopment design receives the mayor’s nod

By Office of the Mayor

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(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – His Worship, Mayor Peterson D. Francis is ecstatic and very contented with the new design for the Castries Market Project which is now at an advanced stage.

The redesign which was done by the architectural section within Department of Physical Planning comprises several components including a food court, high-end air conditioned restaurants, craft market, box park, viewing tower, entertainment area, meat and fish depots and duty-free shopping boutiques.

The redevelopment of the Castries Market will create a nexus between Saint Lucia’s goods and services exports and the vending opportunities that are available which will in turn promote excellence and authenticity and provide an upgrade for product display and quality.

In addition, the project will assist in ensuring that the products sold are authentically Saint Lucian, increase the diversity and creativity of the vending activities for a more attractive and esthetically pleasing display. It will also create a unique experience for visitors by distinguishing it from other Caribbean markets and generally elevate the standard of vending and customer service to international standards.

Speaking to the new design, Mayor Francis says the intention is to achieve a public space which appeals to visitors, citizens and vendors.

“It will do so by integrating the history, culture and architecture. The redesign of the Castries Market forms part of the wider revitalization and redevelopment of the City of Castries, with the Market being one of the main features within this extensive redevelopment.”

Construction work is expected to begin in the summer of this year.

All stakeholders will be engaged and can expect the designs to be made public in the coming weeks along with an active consultative and awareness campaign.

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  1. It looks like a stockade or a prison control tower. Perfect for the mentality of present government. Where is any respect for the present, venerable Castries Market? Saint Lucian architectural history? Of course, anything genuinely St. Lucian must now be destroyed. Witness Radio Saint Lucia, the Walcott house, Maria Island, the entire south of the country – in favor of shady billionaires , horses, deals – foreign stuff.
    Who will climb the stairs of this ugly structure? Really?

    • The insane mental gymnastics you came up with in that statement to justify not wanting to see progress in this country.


  3. The labour party will now have to campaign infront of a clear market…i mean mark of progress. Chastanet keeps playing with these fools!

  4. The design is hideous. Gosh which blind man designed that crap?

  5. This is a dramatic break in continuity from the theme of the present market complex. The new building is interesting. Has anyone observed the roof may not be the best design for hurricanes?

    • No roof is the best design for hurricanes. They all go in a category five storm. So do you cheap out on an easily replaced kite of a roof or batten down the hatches with an aerodynamically practical solid bunker roof that cost more than the building itself?

      • I live in a part of the world that is subjected to hurricanes just like home. There are in fact roofs that are capable of handling upper category hurricanes. In fact, sitting in my office, one of them is in plain view. Yes, the owner paid a little more, however, he “eh” replacing it every few years. BTW, your concept of a bunker type roof is obsolete. Modern design has advanced past that stage.

  6. I like the idiea but i do think that the cdc should be demolished and put some nice condos there also there are people living in the cdc that pay very little and have houses renting that is unfair where as there are people who really could us the help the government need to re evaluate the people living there and also do back ground check on them

    • Some buildings can go indeed! See that one on Jeremie Street? bring in the wrecking ball!. Yes, i’ve heard of people who have houses elsewhere and rest those, only to stay at the CDC buildings to make and save extra, which is depriving another. Gov’t needs to either remove such structures, or evalulate those who reside in these places.

  7. I am looking at the street view. Will Jerimie street become a four lane street and if so how will that be accomplished?

  8. Get rid of some of those rum shops in the area. there are just too many

  9. With those nasty CDC buildings right next to it? Can we demolish these buildings, get rid of those ghettos and make the land productive?

    • ……and move those people (St Lucians) where ? Just in case no one informed you those CDC building are a political matchbox tear them down with no plan in place to relocate those people and watch all of hell break loose.

      • Hell is already breaking loose because none of them pay rent and they are loitering and causing crime. That is prime development land where individual living units are supposed to be rented for $3000 a month.

  10. Yes please to the roundabout. I should do the same to this intersection in Cities:Skylines to clear up traffic.

    • As a civil and structural engineer the ROUNDABOUT idea at such and intersection will have some historical issues. 1-The flow of traffic surrounding roundabouts greatly hinders pedestrian traffic.

  11. Armchair Anonymous

    What goes with an ultra modern building? MAINTENANCE and COMPLIMENTARY HUMAN RESOURCES!! I sincerely hope that this attracts proper management, congenial and savvy “vendors” – although I prefer to use the word “Artisans” who have a knowledge of customer services, and proper marketing skills. A standards board will also need to be put in place, for both maintenance, and for the goods and services offered. This is what goes with a building.

  12. Some of you all will never be satisfied sad……Thanks for a new Market anything is better than the old disgusting over due Castries Market. Please while you cleaning Castries can you take away the stinky ugly CDC’s,I hate them with a passion.

  13. While i commend and recommend redevelopment or redesign of the castries market, we should do so with the look and design we once had. Colonial style or early designs of Castries.

  14. So I guess the Marketing Board will be relocated. Not sure that I like the design though. Something about the colours and the shape of it don’t sit right with me.

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