New manufacturing company opens for business in St. Lucia

New manufacturing company opens for business in St. Lucia
A Celestial worker in action.
A Celestial worker in action.

Saint Lucia is now home to a company that manufactures laptops, tablets and cellular phones.

Regional Communications’ Celestial officially opened its doors this week for business, though it has been in operation for the past year.

Celestial currently manufactures 10 products on island: five tablets, three laptops, and two cellular phones sold in Saint Lucia by retailers and for export to seven CARICOM countries at cheaper rates compared to international competitors.

Months into operations and Celestial has already initiated a legacy of corporate responsibility, providing its gadgets to the education cause through schools island-wide, and initiating a cell phone refurbishment project dubbed the “Haiti Calling Initiative” which exports and distributes fixed mobile phones to the disadvantaged of Haiti as part of disaster relief and preparedness efforts.

Celestial has also teamed up with the National Skills Development Centre (NSDC) in providing technical jobs to single mothers through the SMILES Programme.

The Cellestial company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NSDC to continue recruiting single mothers out of the SMILES Programme.

Owner of Celestial George Benson (right) and Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony.

Owner of Celestial George Benson says that additional rooms in the company are being renovated to accommodate the hiring of more women in the programme to work as technicians.

The government has expressed pleasure with this development as the business creates foreign exchange and is able to provide affordable models of technological devices to the public.

The prime minister has encouraged Celestial to keep maintaining the standard set and stay ahead as competition in the region is imminent.

Since beginning operations in Saint Lucia under a year ago, Regional Communications has since won the Prime Minister’s Award for Innovation for being the first Caribbean cellphone, tablet and laptop mass-producing factory, and the first company to have been granted US$500,000 from the Compete Caribbean Grant programme.


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  1. Hoping for this company to be successful. SL has been losing some good manufacturing companies so it's nice to see one increasing their investment!


  2. sounds great. very nice.

    i applaud all that is being done. but I jus hav one query.....I see a lot of emphasis on hiring women....that's very good. but I hope men getting a chance as well.

    and where can these locally manufactured laptops, tablets and cellular phones be seen/purchased?
    I've only seen the phones so far.


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