UPDATED: Police shooting at La Toc, Castries

UPDATED: Police shooting at La Toc, Castries

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that the shooting that occurred on La Toc Road, Castries early Thursday morning, April 5, 2018 was a police shooting.

Reports are that police went to arrest a Zane Daniel and he was shot by the lawmen.

Initially, police reported to the official emergency services that a ‘Trevon Joseph’ or a ‘Kyle Joseph’, aged 15, had been shot, but it was later confirmed that the person who was arrested and shot is indeed Zane Daniel.

It is not yet clear how the mix-up with the names occurred. And our newsroom has not yet ascertained Daniel’s age and why he was shot.

However, it has been confirmed that the individual sustained a gunshot wound to the left leg and was transported by ambulance to Victoria Hospital in stable condition.

A resident had told our newsroom that the shooting may have been a case of mistaken identity. The resident had reported that “wrong person shot in La Toc Road for Zane Daniel”,  then corrected to say “sorry right person Zane Daniel shot”.

The resident had also reported that multiple gunshots were heard in the community.

The photo below, supplied to us by the resident, showed a trail of blood, apparently from the alleged ‘victim’ of the shooting.



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  1. Police lying in they mc. Saying he was armed and dangerous. He have glock uh ... And he never burst not one shot behind y'all. Y'all salop dogs. Drink y'all rum and try and kill people children. EVEN AFTER He stopped running y'all still shoot him. Y'all evil dogs boy.


    • gasa shut up not to cry for him
      cause u dont know nun about him he has been wanted for years now giving police the wrong name when he get caught now people of la toc can feel better b


    • Gasson shut yur a** when he was doing all him crime in La Toc,y'all knew he was wanted and he had gun..None of yall didn't call the police. He said he had to kill 2 police officers before he go down...he rather die than to go jail. Now u coming and talk shate as police shot him.


  2. 15 years old,The Demons keep hunting and Gunning down you'll kids,whilst you'll do nothing....Rheage is now 15...Ikay my people sit by the way side,and count,Goats and Sheep...Youll Cowards.


    • There is such a thing as parental responsibility and community support, when there is a vacuum in children’s lives, and these children do not have the wisdom or understanding of their circumstances, that vacuum will be filled because nature abhors a vacuum. It isn’t demons that will fill that vacuum but usually peers like themselves, who have no self-discipline, who are immature, thrill seekers and who pressure each other to act out in order to gain kudos in their sub culture. I do not see demons wreaking havoc in young lives, but complex social situations that make some young people succumb to antisocial behaviours which will lead them to clash with the law. Let us focus and deal with social ills in the lives of young people and less on spiritual evil.


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