New luxury resort to break ground in St. Lucia this year

New luxury resort to break ground in St. Lucia this year

(PRESS RELEASE) — Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate Corporation has announced it will break ground later this year for construction of the Canelles Resort, which includes Dreams & Zoetry, offering 330 beachfront rooms overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to the South, together with an oceanfront residence with 380 apartments.

The dual resorts – Dreams and Zoetry – will offer restaurants, bars, conference centers, grad theaters, a spa, children’s clubs, and core and entertainment areas.

The developer of Dreams and Zoetry Resorts is AMResorts, a collection of luxury resort destinations, each with its own unique personality.

“St. Lucia is a beautiful vacation destination,” said Ying Jin, chief executive officer of Caribbean Galaxy. “We are delighted to partner with St. Lucia and with AMResorts to make this stunning resort a reality.”

Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate Corporation is a resort development company founded in 2013 Galaxy is dedicated to advancing economic development in the Caribbean by developing upscale resort properties that will attract affluent travelers to the Islands they serve. Currently, Caribbean Galaxy is building the Ramada by Wyndham resort in St. Kitts, schedule for completion in September.


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  1. The same ones who oppose are the first set to ask their relatives who will be working there family discounts on night day passes .Hypocrites.
    Bring them come jobs farmers and fishers could sell their produce


  2. Hotels are not the answer. Agriculture is it. We are destroying arable land with concrete and limited benefits. The benefactors are the foreigners who own them. We are being used and abused.


  3. Jobs at any cost to the citizens I guess is ok no matter the standard of the jobs being offered re enslavement is alright once people are working forget the corruption the incompetence of our PM which lead to the lost of the Range group hotel costing tax payers 33 million forget the gift to Sandals forget we are giving away state assets to foreigners financing foreign companies while closing government owned companies forget we are number 19 in world country with the most murders forget all lies and promises made by this PM how many boxes of Bananas were shipped to Martinique forget it all and dance we are getting a hotel


  4. SLP should oppose that fast because if a few more like that come that will be the end for PIP and his gang


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