New date and location for Wet Fete revealed!

New date and location for Wet Fete revealed!
Wet Fete is a very popular event. In ths file photo, persons are arriving at Samaan's Park in Choc Bay for Wet Fete. This year's event will be held at The Sab, Vigie Playing Field.
Wet Fete is a very popular event. In ths file photo, persons are arriving at Samaan’s Park in Choc Bay for Wet Fete. This year’s event will be held at The Sab, Vigie Playing Field.

Blueprint Entertainment Inc., organisers of the popular H20 Wet Fete, has just revealed the new location for the event: The Sab, Vigie Playing Field.

The event will take place this Sunday, July 23. Gates open at 1 p.m.

Wet Fete 2017 was initially slated to take place on July 16 at Beach Park, Sunny Acres, but it was postponed, because, according to the organisers, the authorities did not grant approval for the event.


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  1. Soccer training ground? All that money spent? Why did'nt we hear from you hypocretes all the years when the surface at Mindoo Phillip Park was being decimated? Do you know the number of great names who have played there? Look at the state of that place. Not a word, not a word, not a word. You hypocretes!!!


  2. St. Lucians to thrilled with all that "white chocolate" vybe. They needed to think before they just put events anywhere. If verve were to host this event I'm sure months and months in advance they would've seemed to get permission to use wherever they wanted to host it. But you cannot tell me blueprint going to wait last minute, build their slides, so their construction, post it on Instagram and everywhere, and then think they could've just pulled it off. That location was never good to being with and the Sab will be even worse because, after Mindoo Phillip park already eh good. Y'all going to jump up and jirate yourlselves on the grounds so much millions pay to restore after it was in a deplorable state, I mean You'rll already mashup the fence deh once already. Now they fix it it eh take 2-3 years y'all want to mashup the whole grounds itself. St Lucians really eh easy smh blueprint it's really not looking good. Calypso is one thing but when the dennery segment start you think people will be swaying from side to side like is country and western. Please that event should be cancelled and should've never been sanctioned off in the first place if the right criteria has not been met.


  3. I am no sports or sports grounds expert but everything now is the Sab. Money was spent to develop and maintain that play area to add to the few sport s facilities we have here. We want to promote sports.

    Why then this sudden disrespect and abuse for the Sab. I would like to hear some expert whether in government or in the private arena come out and give an opinion as to whether that play area is being undermined by all these bacchanal events.


  4. Calling on Verve to take over this WET FETE idea. Its clear Blue Print Entertainment has no idea how to scout location or follow procedures.

    This event had to be your come back from the disappointment of this same event in the past. From people shocking to lack of water at your so-call event.

    Twilight - FAIL
    Blue Print Weekend - FAIL
    Wet Fete- Upcoming FAIL

    You better stick to building houses and take your wife and kids fishing when things get hot and people looking for their money.

    On to the Next " HAPPY i was not dumb enough to spend my money on that crap"


    • Nothing he does is not done right cause in the house he building he still robbing his workers.


    • But why you making the people events bother you though? Must be a real lurker for you to open your ass and say the man bringing his family fishing. That burning you?


  5. So much money was pumped into that facility, ensuring that it was well maintained. This field is along the main road for God's sake. When individuals pass, especially the tourists cause don't forget Pointe Seraphine is a stone throw away, you expect individuals to see the field in such a deplorable state after this event? All the hard earned money individuals are paying towards taxes, this is the nonsense that is coming out from it? This is really ridiculous man... It should be renamed Mud Central after this...


  6. Well well well. I now realise that there is no respect for sporting facilities in st. Lucia to tell me that after spending millions of dollars to get the field to where it is that's what it will all come down to. What's wrong with the Gatiety cat park go and have it the or cancelled the crap all together. Shame shame shame.


    • If u were a baller u would pass your a** Marchand or La Clery for training plus the Sab has the best drainage


  7. That is sheer stupidity. What do they expect will happened when you have hundreds of people jumping up on a field soaked with water. Whichever ministry or agency that is responsible should not allow this!!!


  8. What a shame to see such a wonderful and top shape sporting facility being bused like this. The football fraternity and all concerned about sports need to protest this move. SHAME ON US.


  9. after all that money was pumped into the Sab facility to make it what it is now can you believe this


    • That one person with the negative tick, I say to cancel that. I hope they don't get insurance cover.


  10. Now that is crazy!!! the Soccer training ground!!! St. Lucia really sinking for true!!!


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