UPDATE: KM2 and TELUS to manage LIME’s St. Lucia’s new call centre

UPDATE: KM2 and TELUS to manage LIME’s St. Lucia’s new call centre
A call centre.
A call centre.

Castries, 20 December, 2012: Leading telecoms provider, LIME is making significant improvements to its call centre operations in Saint Lucia with new Canada-based partners TELUS and its global contact centre delivery arm, TELUS International and KM2.

KM2 is an award-winning regional contact centre business partner with considerable experience serving customers in Saint Lucia.

The centre will be part of the regional network offering LIME customers who use the service a familiar voice to assist them with their needs. Calls will also be facilitated through other world class centres in the region, which KM2 and Teleperformance will set up and manage in Barbados and Jamaica.

Telus will deliver a world class service standard, giving LIME customers the most extensive options to get help and support in the region. This includes agents who are able to handle a wider selection of enquiries, ensuring customers get the response they need faster and minimizing the need for transfers to other agents. In addition to LIME’s online and Facebook Help Centre, the company will continue to enhance the capability of its automated voice support for simple enquiries.

“Customers in Saint Lucia can expect vastly improved service from our contact centre with TELUS and KM2. This move is in keeping with our commitment to constantly improve the level of service we provide and we expect to see results in the coming year. TELUS supports the same product portfolio and call types as us, so this is an ideal partnership to bolster our direction toward giving our customers superior customer-interaction services,” explains LIME Saint Lucia General Manager, Chris Williams.

“TELUS International is pleased to begin this new partnership with LIME to deliver customer experience innovation through spirited teamwork, agile thinking and a caring culture that puts customers first.  Together, we are committed to meeting and exceeding LIME customers’ expectations,” says Jeffrey Puritt, president of TELUS International.

TELUS International is an industry leader in telecom subscriber support with extensive knowledge that LIME will leverage in the provision of the services offered by the call centre.

KM2 has now taken over management of the Saint Lucia and Barbados call centres for TELUS. Teleperformance will be providing the facility in Jamaica. The LIME account in Saint Lucia has created nearly 160 new jobs. Over the past three years, the LIME call centre in Saint Lucia handled tens of millions of customer contacts per annum from across the eastern Caribbean.

Q&A – LIME Moves to TELUS International
20 November, 2012

Facts & Figures

•    Handle around 36 million customer contacts a year from customers across the Caribbean:
o    20 million using the automated systems (the IVR).
o    10 million who require an agent.
o    140,000 emails, chats and callbacks.
o    70,000 tweets.
o    2 million directory assistance calls per year.
o    4 million emergency service calls per year.

•    LIME answers 78% of all calls in 30 seconds (July).
•    Former partner (ACS) supported LIME Saint Lucia / Eastern Caribbean customers since 2009.
•    New partner is TELUS who will support LIME Saint Lucia / Eastern Caribbean customers till 2015.
•    Operate a regional customer service team supporting customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

•    Joan Whitehead (Regional VP Service Assurance)

•    Former Centres
o    Saint Lucia (Kingston)
o    Saint Lucia (Montego Bay)
o    Saint Lucia (Castries)
•    New Centres (374 Agents)
o    Jamaica (Montego Bay) 180 Agents
o    St Lucia (Castries)  107 Agents
o    Barbados (Bridgetown) 54 Agents
o    Guatemala (Back office work only) 40 Agents
•    Agents were trained in a 6 week intensive course be ready to support our customers.

1.    Why move contact centres?
•    This is part of a number of improvements that LIME has made to its customer service delivery for our Saint Lucian customers. Whilst we have improved our number of satisfied customers by a further 14% recently we now want to make another step change in improving that even further. This is the last part of the jigsaw that is now being put into place.
•    Improvements over the last two years that have put LIME ahead in the customer service area when we are compared to our competitors, include:
o    24hour a day social media customer service where our customers can:
    Chat online with an agent.
    Get help with Frequently Asked Questions.
o    A brand new help centre at www.lime.com/help where:
    Saint Lucia customers can chat.
    Request callbacks at a time that suits them.
    View up to date Frequently Asked Questions.
    View videos to help them with their handsets.
o    A new automation experience when you call that:
    Doesn’t sound like an automated system.
    Helps to complete tasks without the need for an agent.
    Identifies the caller within fractions of a second to ensure we give them a relevant and personal experience.
o    A dedicated Business contact centre:
    With agents trained in products and services that our business customers want and need.
    Who can have discussions about the right products and services to help businesses.

2.    Why TELUS?
•    We completed a competitive tender process and invited proposals from a large number of companies – this was about rightsourcing for us, not just outsourcing.
•    A large number of companies outsource, but we wanted to find someone to partner with to ensure that the future needs of the Saint Lucia customers are exceeded.
•    During that process LIME spelled out to the proposed partners what we wanted to do over the next three years after listening to our customers:
o    Reduce the call waiting time overall – a more efficient operation.
o    Improve agent training and empowerment.
o    Ensure all customers understand our fantastic products and promotions.
o    Help resolve more queries first time, every time.
o    Reduce the number of transfers between agents and departments.
o    Keep more of our promises – if we promise to do something we must do it!
•    TELUS have a similar history to LIME:
o    Period of being a sole provider.
o    Embraced competition.
o    Remained the number one for customer service in parts of Canada.
o    Sell products and services very similar to LIME.
o    Have a proven track record at improving the customer service that is delivered to companies.
o    Have excellent experience of helping to improve process and the way that communications companies do things.
•    Were committed to running part of their operations in Saint Lucia.

3.    Why not move it back in house?
•    We feel that by working with a partner we stand a better chance at improving service for our Saint Lucian customers.
•    We can gain from international experience and a higher level of expertise.
•    The two teams work so closely together we view everyone who helps Saint Lucia customers as part of the LIME family.

4.    Will anyone lose their jobs at ACS?
•    We have invited all the current employees to move to one of the new centres if they wish.
•    At the end of December ACS will no longer support LIME customers.

5.    What is the timing?
•    Recruitment and training has already started.
•    The first calls will be answered by TELUS from late September.
•    We are doing a phased transition to ensure that our customers feel only a positive impact from the change.
•    The transition will be complete by the end of December.

6.    What is the cost of this investment?
•    We would prefer not to disclose the value of this partnership at this time
•    But we can say it is a significant investment which we are confident will achieve the objectives we have set for ourselves.
•    It is part of the overall investment in our customer-interaction improvements which included the new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which we launched recently, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts which are part of our online Help Centre services.

7.    Will all the calls be handled in Saint Lucia?
o    It is our preference to handle calls locally but we will always opt to connect the customer to a trained, competent and available agent as quickly as possible and such an agent may not always be in Saint Lucia.
o    TELUS is expected to serve LIME customers with 374 agents with a mix of multi-skilled agents for customer services and faults.


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