New laundry facility for Micoud residents (+photo gallery)

New laundry facility for Micoud residents (+photo gallery)

(GIS) — The Micoud north Parliamentary Representative, Hon. Dr. Gale T.C. Rigobert recently hosted a ceremony to mark the official reopening of the Micoud village laundry facility.

Minister Rigobert said the project was one that she “promised to deliver to the constituents of Micoud North”.

She added that the “completion of the project also signifies the commencement of redevelopment of the Micoud village waterfront”.

The Micoud laundry facility was officially reopened on Jan. 27.


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  1. The focus should be on poor reduction efforts in Micoud so everyone there can afford to wash their clothes at their own home


  2. Well well well. Awah wee for the people of Micoud. Where in the world except some very backward country, that in 2019 government will be building a laundry for the people? That's embarrassing to say the least. Is this how the Parliamentary rep intends making Micoud twenty-first century ready? And could you imagine that this makes news and Gale is boasting about it?


  3. seriously people did we get back to the stone age with that idea?
    that type of facility used to be on the scene back in the 1980's. it is now 2019
    and the best idea we can come up with is this? awa for us!


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