Joseph: Housing project will take away some of the pressures of mortgages for young people

Joseph: Housing project will take away some of the pressures of mortgages for young people

Castries South East MP Guy Joseph has said that government is committed to helping to reduce the cost of housing and will continue to seek ways to make it easier for young people to own land and build their homes.

The government on Wednesday, August 3, 2017, officially presented lots to individuals under the Forestierre Housing Development project. This initiative allows people to purchase lots to build homes. It is being done through the National Housing Corporation and will provide 74 lots, roughly 5000 square feet each, for sale to the public at $10 a square foot.

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the handing over, Joseph said that the project seeks to help improve lives.

“For the young people, who want to be able to afford to have a house and land at some point in their lives, they may not be able to start with a loan of $300,000 for a house and land package. So I decided that I was going to package this project into housing lots and allow them to buy the lot in the interim. Some of them have opted for house and land packages, so you will see some houses going up but the majority have chosen to buy a lot now and within two years they would have paid a certain amount down on it, [then] they can refinance and they can build a home for themselves,” Joseph explained.

He said that the project will take away some of the pressures of mortgages for young people.

“…While I love the financial institutions, I don’t believe that young people should mortgage their lives for the next 30 and 40 years, that’s my view. And I want to make housing and land as affordable as possible,” he said.


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  1. just hope they prioritize the young people for purchase and not those who are already established


  2. In the same way, the tongue is a small thing that makes grand speeches. But a tiny spark can set a great forest on fire.

    – James 3: 5


  3. I want a Lot.... And when SLP gets in power and thy have lots... I want one too... I will take what I get while I can


  4. I think Mangal is the dirtiest piece of material around the politics today . I heard him criticizing the Marigot housing project which started under his management in 2007. Ask him how much he personally profited on that very same project between 2011 and 2016 . That scumbag .


  5. The labour party has sure done a great job in painting people black! Guy Joseph is the best minister and politician in St. Lucia. Always shows results. Why is he always vilified? I mean he never fathered a $11,000,000.00 bridge or hand the Ministry of Infrastructure to a private contractor...did he?


    • Guy Joseph is not qualified to be a minister in any progressive country. It's only because the place is infested with stupid and ignorant people like you, he end up in there. That's why the country will never go forward because people like you help put all these mediocre people in power with no skill. These guys cannot be taken serious by no serious politician because his IQ is to low.


    • "Guy Joseph for PM"... This person on drugs, a zombie that there... don't waist your time to comment.


  6. I was about to comment, actually wrote a full paragraph pointing out how all this makes no sense. Then it dawned on me that it made no sense rally...Why bother.


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