New hotel development, 180-room Ritz-Carlton, coming to Saint Lucia

New hotel development, 180-room Ritz-Carlton, coming to Saint Lucia
Representatives from Range Developments, Ritz Carlton and the Government of Saint Lucia.
Representatives from Range Developments, Ritz-Carlton and the Government of Saint Lucia.

3 August 2017 — (PRESS RELEASE): The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C., part of Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR) has signed a management agreement with Range Developments to open a Ritz-Carlton property in Saint Lucia in 2021, bringing the award-winning luxury brand for the first time to the Eastern Caribbean island known for its lush, mountainous terrain and expansive beaches.

The 180-room Ritz-Carlton, St. Lucia will be located on the picturesque southern tip of the island, on the Caribbean southwest coast.

Not only will the hotel be within easy reach of Hewanorra International Airport – which has seen increased airlift catering to luxury travellers in recent years – it also will be in close proximity to the famous twin volcanoes known as the “Pitons,” two spires that rise dramatically from the sea. The Pitons are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Among the hotel’s many amenities will be ample meeting and group space both indoors and out; multiple dining facilities, all with outdoor seating; a spa that includes an outdoor treatment area; and several swimming pools, including one that will be designated as a quiet relaxation area only for adults.

Today, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Allen Chastanet, and other members of the cabinet joined the principals of Range Developments and representation from Marriott International and The Ritz-Carlton to commemorate the signing of the agreement to build The Ritz-Carlton, St. Lucia. The Honourable Prime Minister Allen Chastanet noted that this was an historic and significant event in the continuing development of tourism on the island.

Representatives from Range Developments, Ritz-Carlton and the Government of Saint Lucia.

“We are delighted to see this first step in what will be a major project on the southern tip of the island,” said PM Chastanet. “We have maintained that our focus is on enhancing our tourism offerings and we are committed to ensuring sustainable investment and employment in Saint Lucia and particularly in the south. I am elated that we have such eminent partners in this project in what is surely going to be one of the best resorts in the Caribbean.”

“We are delighted to bring The Ritz-Carlton to the stunning island of Saint Lucia, and are happy to have found the right partner and opportunity to do so,” said Hervé Humler, President and Chief Operating Officer, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. “We’re excited about the increased demand for luxury travel offerings on Saint Lucia and look forward to welcoming guests to experience the unparalleled service of The Ritz-Carlton against such a breathtaking backdrop.”

The Ritz-Carlton, St. Lucia is the anchor of a larger development project led by Range Developments, a multi-phase project currently titled the “Black Bay Master Development”, set on a total of 180 acres. The project will be developed under the country’s Citizenship-by-Investment programme.

Range Developments has received plaudits and awards both for its designs and robust and innovative corporate social responsibility activities.

“This will be our third major luxury development in the Caribbean and we are delighted to be working with the Government of Saint Lucia,” says Mohammed Asaria, Vice Chairman of Range Developments. “Range is aggressively expanding in the Caribbean and we are excited to bring the legendary Ritz-Carlton brand to this exclusive destination.”

The Ritz-Carlton, St. Lucia will be designed and built to the highest standards. The project is estimated to create about 500 jobs on the island during construction, with a similar amount once the hotel is operational.

Saint Lucia’s natural beauty attracts travellers who wish to immerse themselves in stunning surroundings, with ample opportunities for hiking, sailing, swimming, and many other watersports. Travelers are drawn to the island’s mountainous terrain, waterfalls, natural hot springs, coral reefs, and seemingly endless beaches.


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  1. All his teeth out Investments are good but at what cost ask him what were the terms of agreements to do business in St Lucia he and his team negotiated ? Mr. prime minister how much tax incentives were given or will be place on the backs of Stain Lucians to accommodate The Ritz Carlton ? Mr. prime minister did you negotiate for use of local contractors to build the Ritz ? Mr. prime minister how much of the local produce did you negotiate to be purchase monthly to give the local agriculture sector a boost ? Mr. prime minister did you negotiate for the Ritz to contribute annually to a tourist enhancement and infrastructural fund for the community in which The Ritz will be located most of the hotels not even a zinc bust stop is given after all it's to their benefit as well ?


  2. I don't think we should be surprised by the actions of the Prime Minister. What did we as a nation expect? This is his area of expertise and he will do all in his power to "improve" and expand on this industry. I think too much focus is placed on the tourism industry, similarly to that of the past "green gold" then when that was out, St. Lucia was in Shit Street. We should have other means of generating revenue.


  3. I feel if its undeveloped land why not make money from it. the only problem I have with hotels on the island is that they are too close to the beach. As a St. Lucian I feel the hotel and staff members makes it very uncomfortable to swim or relax on our shores, it’s almost like a crime committed. I feel if this is what bring in money into the island legally so be it, but we need to be able to use the beaches anywhere and anytime we need to, without the harassment of being Stanger to our shores. Thanks…


  4. I am sick and tired of all these hotels!!...Is that the only investment that can be made here? What about Factories!!!!! We already have so many hotels!


  5. "Will be located on the picturesque southern tip of the island, on the Caribbean southwest coast." Please check your directions.


  6. Christine

    Please at least learn to spell before you can make comments on the level of developments in this country. Perhaps you should have attended A Level as an earlier writer suggested… The word is infrastructure and not inferstructure...


    • Did you even get the point Christine was trying to make. Sometimes we need to look past the incorrect spelling. Being "educated" does not mean one isn't ignorant.


  7. Christine,

    Please at least learn to spell before you can make comments on the level of developments in this country. Perhaps you should have attended A Level as an earlier writer suggested… The word is infrastructure and not inferstructure...


    • Anonymous since you are a brilliant smartass why don't you educate you Prime Minister because it looks like he can hardly read to understand. At the look of things Christine sure has more common sense than you jackass.


  8. Tourism is the new outlet to control St.Lucia. The Sandals chain may be holding this government ransom for election contributions made. Can you imagine the numbers unemployed if they decide to close? Look to Antigua and see what happened.

    The wages owed to suppliers are paid sometimes over 60 days. Farmers stopped supporting and now they have sought out a company in CPJ to supply. One must ask who really owns CPJ. As CPJ is Jamaican owned and everything brought in is specifically for Sandals. Sandals imports everything from Alcohol to Ice Cream. Not much is bought locally. A trend now copied by St.James Club. Their Supplier is Lazy Lagoon. Again nothing much bought locally. Another is Coconut Bay. Same thing applies. All have duty free shops indoors to sell to their guests. So profits are maximised.

    These hotels expect the staff to be subservient in respect to service. Slavery is still very present. They are searched regularly as they can't be trusted since the salaries provided is just enough to survive and not to live. As such the hotels are fearful that they steal in order to live. Persons who have been working for years are released and the new entrants are paid a fraction of their salaries. Creating more social ills. No cell phones allowed on property as such to avoid recording the ills that exist. If one wants to experience what is racism here visit Le Sport. Its blatant and in the open.

    Our hotel industry is flawed and we continue in that mindset by a leader that was born with a golden spoon. I guess the slavery and subservient part is what that needs to continue.

    I make no apologies for what I have experienced going through these resorts.


    • My, my, my, Lord we call upon you to put a hand in this land called St. Lucia, bring change for the better. What is going on?

      You say you have faith, for you believe that there is one God. Good for you! Even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror.

      – James 2: 19


    • They right ! Do you know what it takes to run a resort ? Sandals and others have to import because the LOCAL MARKET cannot meet their demands just what else is the alternative Class Clown ? Visitors are coming to your resort it's the responsibility of the owners to feed them THEY PAY FOR THAT you are providing a space of hospitality and ambiance. Now instead of complaining about these resorts and who owns them you roll the dice and play the role by engaging the party or elected officials you are so passionate about and lobby for more local produce to be sold to hotels and cleared that piece of land that was handed down to you that's just siting there for how long farm it up and get your piece of the pie.


  9. Hopefully maybe some locals any occupy some mid management level jobs went it opens in 2021. Tired if seeing foreigners getting paid in us when we have qualified persons right here



      To all those who are willing and able please read the above article. CIP Fraud is really becoming a reality.


  10. Once again your minds are too small to understand basic Economics. Lucian think about Long-term growth and Economic Growth and Development. I learnt this at A-Level in St.lucia.

    I now reside in the US and many people dont try to Educate themselves. First, get your CXCs, go to A-Level and you will have a more in-depth knowledge on how investors and investments grow the economy.

    Thank You St. Lucia for giving me this educational foundation which really allowed me to be so successful in the US. We have resources in Lucia, take advantage of it.


    • What really is our leaders vision for St Lucia's future and our kids and their kids? I foresee a small China in the South, possibly in a race war with us blacks..and to the north the whites (English/American & Molato) and the forest reserve and snake infested areas (worst living areas), the home our our people. I see poverty and all the related ills of it, I see a people held down in the lower class for selfish means. I also see a frustrated people who are growing and educating themselves despite the neglect of purpose of those put in the leadership position. I see a people realizing that they are in fact the ones with the power to run their own nation/collectively command the authorities to meet their vision. In response to Buju in the song "Untold Stories".....our leader will only play as long as we are not a unified voice in haste to not spare the rod and spoil the child. The things we let slide now will hurt our kids and unborn kids. We must start thinking ahead beyond this year or next year for our families and ourselves.
      I once met a woman who lost her kids because of illness cemented by poverty. She could not afford, so her kids died. Buju song (murderer). I know its a bit extreme but necessary to get the idea across, desperation to save lives calls for it.


    • GIVE ME A BREAK !! ... Shut up, shut up, woy, woy, with your A- Level and American Residency Spiel.

      Uh ! am already sick to my stomach.


  11. All the Caribbean islands have is hotels for foreign tourists, providing starvation wages for the residents and making everyone a maid.Caribbean so called politicians need a new vision


    • selling you out? only an slp member would bitch and complain about more jobs from a high level resort. this islands is full of idiots.


    • I guess this is what the slp means when it says the economy is comatose. I just wish the govt would not waste its time in vieux fort. they deserve the slp and everything they have never done


    • And what is your vision ? Do you have an overnight alternative to plug the millions of dollars which come into St.Lucia ? No you don't so shut it.


  12. No!!!!!!!!!! This is too much, too many developments, the inferstructure cannot support this, why is he selling us out????


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