New hotel completes first beach villa

New hotel completes first beach villa

IMG_0117 IMG_0132SLHTA NEWSLETTER – Six Senses Residencies Freedom Bay are proud to announce the completion of the first beach villa,which will be open as our first show villa this year.

The development has reached new bounds in 2015 with the practical completion of the first resort villa in June 2015, and the completion of a further four villas by the end of July 2015.

Construction of the first private residence villa commenced in 2014, with an estimated completion date of 2016. Alongside the construction of the luxury villas, the next key miilestones shall be the completion of the hotel front, back of house and luxury spa due for the hotels estimated opening date in November 2016.


It is with great excitement that I report to you on the progress of Six Senses Freedom Bay. Over the past months, we have concentrated on the construction of the Beach front Villas which will be completed by the time you are reading this newsletter. We are now involved in an intensive planning component which will usher a significant construction programme, culminating in the opening of the resort in late 2016.

The deep commitment of the developer to preserve the environment also creates challenges in the construction activities. The siting of a Villa for example goes through a series of permutations to ensure that there is minimal effect on the landscape and it is most interesting to observe how the new villas are interwoven in to the existing foliage.

Over the next few weeks there will be a ramping up of construction activity, which will create much needed economic activity, which will create much needed economic activity within the town of Soufriere and generate many jobs for the local residents. We will be building out Phase 1A, which compromise One Bed and Two Bed Villas, and also establishing the Reception Building and restaurants to support the start-up of the resort.

At Six Senses Freedom Bay is seamlessly adapting next to the world famous Pitons. It truly is emerging as authentic, personal ,sustainable and harmony with the surrounding.

Wayne Girard


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  1. This place has gone nowhere. I was just there visiting the place with a local Rasta guy who lives in the area and it looks like the project has been kind of abandoned. What a shame. There was so much hype about this project and the government of SL really got behind this project but the developers never really had the money to build it. Now others are left holding the bag. So what will happen to it? It's another example of con artists coming to SL and ripping off the locals. It's sad because this property is located in a special area that has a lot of history on the island. The local leadership should look at this situation as a lesson in what not to do.


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