New health catalogue details nutritional content of local foods

New health catalogue details nutritional content of local foods

A new publication is intended to supplement ongoing efforts to promote healthy lifestyles.

The one hundred page full-color catalogue named “Common Food Illustrations in Eastern Caribbean Regions,” contains information, along with diagrams of the six food groups: staples, legumes, foods from animals, vegetables, fruit, fat and oil.

The catalogue was published by a team of professionals from the Changhua Christian Hospital and the National Yang-Ming University, to provide the public with a more thorough understanding of the nutritional content of the foods they consume.

Dr. Cheirry Poyotte, Saint Jude Hospital CEO said that the book is an important resource.

“I believe that it is a very important book. It will help out dieticians as they talk to diabetics, and other persons who are trying to get a handle on their health. It is something we are very appreciative of.”

The catalogue was inspired by a Diabetes Geographic Mapping survey conducted by the Changhua Christian Hospital and Taiwan National University in 2011, and more recently, a Taiwan-lead study of local foods in 2013.

The Changhua Christian Hospital has also assisted in printing another publication, “Modern Verse,” by the President of the Allied Health Association, Dr. Urban Seraphin.


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  1. It's very important that we eat our natural local God made food, instead process man made food. Not because it come in a can, jar,box or bottle means it's healthy.


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