New government senator sworn in

New government senator sworn in

GIS – The House of Senate welcomed newly sworn-in government senator, Thaddeus M. Antoine, earlier this week.

Sen. Antoine expressed his gratitude for the esteemed appointment as well as his recognition of the responsibilities that lay ahead.

“As I rise to debate the citizenship by investment bill, I would like to thank the Governor General for my appointment this morning on the advisement of the Prime Minister and his cabinet, Mr. President himself, and members of his chambers,” he said.

During his maiden address, Sen. Antoine made reference to the success of citizenship by investment programs in other Caribbean islands. Citizenship by investment offers citizenship as a part of a program of investing in the country.

“I hear people say Saint Lucia’s economy is not moving, we’re not attracting investment, but look at Saint Kitts, they are attracting investment; look at Antigua, they are now attracting investment. Why? Citizenship by Investment.”

He continued: “Saint Kitts attracts hotels because all investors want is this: an economic program. That’s the first thing they ask for, because it is a form of investment.”

The sitting of the House of Senate took place on Aug. 4.


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  1. This one seems to be incapable of doing any "causative chain" analysis. The situation demanded it. So why is he being elevated and placed into position to give us more crap, and be involved in the weighty decisions for this country?

    How many country-bookie thinking people must we have in government at one time? To add insult to injury, this one was not even damn well elected, mind you!


  2. The absolute absurdity in the logic that forms the bedrock of Saint Lucian political thinking and expression seems to always escape those making such noises, and the mass of the largely uncritical thinking voters. How on earth can anyone use an esteemed forum like a senate discussion and suggest that the basis for changing the citizenship rules of any country ought to be simply the mimicking of behaviours of other countries in the region? Hell, where the heck did this one go to school?


  3. bal fini por cet slp final year they bring in a lawyer to cover up a lot of their crap...I wonder under what grounds he does not work with bank of st. lucia anymore....well...well...well


  4. Order! Order!

    Honourable Members of the Senate!

    Order! Order! Let us all welcome another jackass on board!

    You may now take your seats. ("Shute shayte time" you say?)


  5. This press release is dumb. Lacking information. Who did he replace in the St Lucia Senate? Why did the person he replaced leave (resigned/fired)? What role will he hold in Cabinet if any, in other words is he a Senator without Portfolio or will he be holding a place in a Ministry as a Parliamentary Secretary?

    This press release is garbage! It says nothing. Better GIS said nothing.


  6. That was one of heck of a maiden speech!

    To sound just like any six-year old would, in a serious debate with such a depth of analysis as profoundly summarized with the equivalent of "Others are doing it. Let's do it too." to me is unequivocally very asinine behaviour.

    What we have just seen is an injection of yet another shallow thinker into the Upper Chamber. Serious issues warrant serious arguments. I am so sick and tired of the level of frivolity that passes for informed opinion in this country, which unfortunately remains a distinctive characteristic of representation in the parliament since statehood.

    We always get the government we deserve: Rochamel, Black Bay, and Grynberg financial blunders with no end in sight, will continue to manifest themselves with huge sovereign debt burdens.

    Just what we have seen here, foretells that it is going to get quite worse before it gets better.


    • What deep insights this man has. That's incredible. We are in for another round of stupidity, Lord?


  7. You are a dissapointment Taddy. Money and kenny have you by the groin. They using you to do their nasty work boy. Remember there is a god above you and all the rest will have to ans to him. Retribution will come back to hunt you guys and other politicians playing on the minds of the people including the one on the opposition side also.


    • There is a saying which goes like this: the voice of the people is the voice of god. I don't think you have any right to bring god into your business. If you use the results of the last elections as an example you will agree the SLP found favour in eyes of the St Lucian electorate. Isn't that is also a reflection of the short comings of UWP government. Whose side was god then? Today if UWP is in the wilderness can't that be interpreted as the party being punished and atoning for its sins? If I were you I would not bring god into this business!

      But in any case which god are you talking about? Is it the god you knew before the coming of Europeans or is it the god introduced to you by them after they had supplanted you from your homeland Africa? If this is the case it is not your god and you don't even know him. It is something given to you to give you a new identity to replace your African identity that was systematically being de-constructed so that your captors could be more easily control you.

      It is rather interesting how much of the ways of these human traffickers that you have acquired. Isn't it that same psychology (instil the fear of god into you and what god will do to you if you went out of line) they used to mould and keep you as docile little subject they could control at will. That to is wicked and hurtful just like if you were flogged.

      Mr Antoine made a decision based on how he interpreted the political positions of the contesting political parties. In particular his decision is based on which of the parties he believe is better in serving the needs of the country. I am sure he is sincere in his decision in that he truly hope that the party he chose is better abled to solve the country's problems. Before you go about making the man feel guilty when all he has done is accept a nomination wait and see what he does with the office.


  8. The Senate is supposed and expected to raise the level of discourse and debate but not to debase it. But if this is the depth of analysis and synthesis of this junior senator, we are up the creek without a paddle. Man, any primary school child can add her two cents worth with dumb argument like: "Others are doing it. We should do it too."

    "Others are shooting shooting one another in Bois Patat. We should do it too." Same depth of logic and analysis.

    Oups! We have just found us a smiling "me too" senator. That is something we always needed. What a great SLP discovery! The country has so long waited for such great talent. Is this another King Midas Touch in Reverse type like that superb diamond in the rough, George hoODLUM discovery?


  9. Blind leading the blind why don't we just go lay down in the streets and wait to be run over ! Rape Rape Rape Father God Rape Rape Rape and the church just not doing or saying nothing ! Bethel Penticost Adventist Catholic Anglican Methodist Rape Rape ! LUcia getting big LolO and is the poor man and woman that feeling it


  10. 😐 so Labour Party just blatantly giving all their biggest supporters more roles in office and therefore more money in their pocket? Oh ok! Yall right. Blatant disrespect and disregard for saint lucians.


  11. Thank you ---well said ---all the gains are to them ---the population gets nothing ---all the chinise //taïwanaise money where is it---how is it used ---lucian its time we wake up and be like the states just in that they answer to use or its out and even prison ---they are upsetting ---destroying our land ---its normal the youth is so ---they have no interest ---money money money


  12. Ahhhh a cash cow for de lawyers, Mr. Senator I applaud you for positioning yourself to make things happen since the otherside aint doing so well. Now on another note.........can't we come up with something more original that suits our economy etc. Do we have to follow the band wagon, are we lazy to think, how many of these citizenships can be issued and boy oh boy these hotel owners how many citizenships can they hold. how about developing the offshore business to the next level. Study the short comings of the current offshore jurisdictions and better it........Mr. Senator here is a job for you carry out a study and come up with a model then you will get a feather in de cap!!!


  13. Are you related to the Prime Minister? If you are, then I suppose you are being groomed for office in the other chamber. Nothing wrong with that, as a Lucian, but how many foreigners with Lucian citizenship and Passport would you say could be eligible for Political Office when the time comes?
    Here's a question I would like you to answer for me: Don't you think that the Senate system is obsolete and anti-democratic, when none of us had a say, by way of the ballot in the selection of the members. The walls do have ears and eyes and we'll be watching more closely to the going ons in that chamber.


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