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New golf resort Cabot Saint Lucia slated for 2021 tee off

By Invest Saint Lucia

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(PRESS RELEASE) – Saint Lucia will soon boast yet another major tourism investment.

Facilitated by Invest Saint Lucia, Cabot, one of Canada’s premier luxury golf resort and residential communities, launched its first-ever international property on the island of Saint Lucia.

Named Cabot Saint Lucia, this new development boasts an extensive range of amenities including a golf club, residential community, and resort, nestled in the panoramic landscape of Point Hardy, a 375-acre peninsula located near Saint Lucia’s northern coastline.

Following the successes of the highly-acclaimed Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs in Nova Scotia, Canada, both of which were recently named among Golf Digest’s “World’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses”, the new Saint Lucia property will include Cabot’s third golf course and second resort in its expanding portfolio of world-class properties.

Speaking on the development, Ben Cowan-Dewar, CEO and co-founder of Cabot Links, stated: “With the tropical allure found in Saint Lucia and the magnificent ocean views from every corner of this spectacular site, we feel honored to be involved with such a special property within an incredible country.”

The crown jewel of the luxury resort will be the 18-hole Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw-designed golf course, the famed designers’ carefully chosen first Caribbean project.

“Our goal is to create a golf course with a sense of enjoyment and interest to complement and hopefully equal the site’s overwhelming natural beauty,” Bill Coore, co-principal of Coore & Crenshaw, stated. “If we can accomplish that goal, we believe Cabot Point could become one of the Caribbean’s most sought-out courses. Ben Cowan-Dewar and Mike Keiser have certainly found another spectacular property for golf.”

In addition, the luxury real estate at Cabot Saint Lucia will offer the best of Caribbean living with a collection comprised of stunning hillside townhomes and exceptional single-family homes conceptualized by world-renowned architects, along with customizable beach front and bluff-top grand estate lots. Each home will be surrounded by a panoramic turquoise seascape that provides direct, exclusive access to the resort amenities and golf course. Pre-sales will begin summer 2019, ranging from $760,000 to $10 million.

Commenting on the development, CEO of Invest Saint Lucia, Roderick Cherry expressed pleasure at inking yet another investment agreement for the island.

“Situated on a hilltop overlooking the beach, the club and resort at Cabot Saint Lucia will include a 50-suite boutique hotel, three restaurants, boutique retail shops, Cabot Spa and clubhouse. This investment will complement Saint Lucia’s high end/luxury image and help strengthen the island’s marketing appeal,” Cherry said.

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  1. Is it morally wrong to take taxpayers' money to fund entertainment of the rich and famous when the general hospital cannot provide an MRI or CAT scan?

    This is what is facing us squarely in Saint Lucia today. Is this the best social value we can get from funds drawn from the forced taxation which is national insurance?

  2. Put this darn thing on hold until it can be socio-economically justified. Is golf a sunrise or a sunset industry?

    Besides the owners and celebrities who benefits? Pray tell.

  3. Over to you Mr. PM. Do we need another golf course?

    Who will do the benefit/cost analysis and when will it be published?

  4. Nice press release Invest St. Lucia.
    Sprinkled with fluff words like 'world-class' and world-renowned'. Great.
    Tell us though what it means when we lose access to our world class beaches, while they sell villas on those very beaches at $10million price tags? No, we're not blind, we see when they re-lable beaches on their Masterplan, from 'Secret Beach' to 'Residents beach'. For the residents of the million dollar villas, but not for us locals any more.
    Tell us what it means when you build a water resource hungry leisure playing field for foreigners (and yourselves I guess) aka golf course, that will require 100,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of water per week? (Thats between 378,500 and 3,785,000 Litres per week. The OAS report estimated that per capita consumption in St. Lucia is 300 Litres per day inclusive of all activities. This means a Golf course equates (in per capita consumption) to as much as 12,616 people per week. Way more that Canaries or Anse la Raye, Almost as much as all of VF. In the driest part of the island?! Where's the water coming from, while we experience shortages in our towns? And if you say desalination, what consideration has been given to the fact that it causes hypersalination once the water is extracted, leaving a hypersalinated brine which kills reef life and can drastically affect fishing stocks, affecting our already beleaguered fishermen?
    Tell us what it means to the bays that already suffer hyper nitrification of the coastal waters due to mass/excess fertiliser run off expected which chokes our reefs? Tell us about the Environmental Impact Assessment, and will it be made public, or buried conveniently like all the others?
    For those who care, tell us about the Amerindian burial grounds and artefacts, and tell us about the endemic flora and fauna, will they be desecrated just like the other sites we sold for a quick buck?
    Tell us about these things, and stop blowing words like 'world-renowned' like smoke up our collective asses while telling us how many millions the developers are going to be be selling property for, because those dollars for sure aren't staying here, except for the absolutely tiny percentage that will be paid to the cleaners and groundsmen*, whose children will have lost their birthright to visit those beaches, rock pools, and enjoy the bays.

    (*because for sure there's no real taxes being made by the gov't when they bend over and give them decades of concessions are there?)


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