New executives installed for UWP groupings

New executives installed for UWP groupings

A new executive has been selected to lead the women and youth arms of the United Workers Party (UWP) for the next year.

At a ‘historic’ joint conference in Micoud on July 7, 2013 the two ‘vital organs’ of the party met to install new leadership, adopt draft constitutions and select five individuals to represent the groupings at the upcoming July 28 UWP convention.

Petra Nelson of Castries Central was selected to serve as president of the party’s Women in Action group while Deborah Charlemagne of Vieux Fort South was voted vice president.

The other executives are: Catherine Sealys, secretary – Castries North; Cheryl Francis, treasurer – Castries South; Nancy Charles, public relations officer – Vieux Fort North; Lily St. Jean, assistant secretary treasurer/PRO – Soufriere; and Janetta Moncherry, welfare officer – Micoud North.

A total of six floor members were also chosen from different constituencies on the island.

Meanwhile, Antonia Lana Auguste was placed at the helm of the United Youth group while Kasha Foster of Babonneau is the new vice president.

Other elected members are: Kertrina Mathurin of Vieux Fort North as first vice president; Mericia John, secretary – Castries South; Richard Joseph of Babonneau as treasurer and Natoya Popo, PRO – Choiseul/Saltibus. Six floor members were also instated for that grouping.

Moreover, the party has dubbed Sunday’s gathering a success and a “massive show of support and a demonstration of collective commitment to strengthen the party for the work ahead”.

The event saw speeches from both contenders for political leader of the party, Allen Chastanet and Stephenson King.

Dr. Gale Rigobert presented a feature address on the topic: “Walking Wounded but Empowered to Fly”.


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  1. Catherine Sealys, like really, really. We need person who are professional, respectful & not persons who cause more confusion and problems in the party. That is not what we need at this time. We need to respect each other & stop causing devision all that back and forth gossip and foolishness.Do some research on those who want to present their themselves to us, you may just be very very surprised.


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