New executive for National Principal Association of St Lucia

New executive for National Principal Association of St Lucia
Cadelia Ambrose

The National Principal Association of St Lucia, from its recent election, has a new executive mandated with charting the way forward for the association.

The new executive comprises:
Dr. Cadelia Ambrose — president
Olivia Mathurin — vice president
Claudia Edward — secretary
Maurica Alcee — assistant secretary
Davis Thomas — treasurer
Judy Johannes — PRO
Valerie Henry — floor member
Melisa Charles — floor member

The new executive has since met and advanced their direction for the association.

The National Principal Association is an autonomous body which works in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and its bargaining body, the St Lucia Teachers’ Union.

It advocates on educational policies and has a foremost interest in the professional development and advancement of principals.
The new executive has taken a position to not only be foremost in articulating educational matters, but also to speak to and on social issues.

It will endeavour to:

1. Provide a platform through which principals can make their contribution to the advancement of education and the development of the education system in St. Lucia

2. Educate and deepen understanding and awareness of principals and the crucial role made to education

3. Promote principalship, thus ensuring that all principals are well informed and confident in their practice.


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  1. Congratulations to her. She is awesome. Pointed me in the right direction in life. We do need more shining examples. Thank you for your ggreat advice. I know your step up will only result in bigger and better things....


  2. All those principals do is malpalay the teachers and use school funds to finance some of their meetings. You never hear they fighting for good for the schools. Once they become principals (some of them at least) they forget that they still are teachers. Hope this executive makes a difference.


  3. Congrats Cadelia. Here's hoping for some education reform at the primary level before USE is the death of us.


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