New employment opportunities for residents of Choiseul and Saltibus

New employment opportunities for residents of Choiseul and Saltibus

PRESS RELEASE – The Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency Group will be hosting a job fair targeting all residents specifically unemployed youths of Choiseul and Saltibus on Saturday, September 13, 2014. The Job Fair will be held at the Piaye Primary School from 4:00pm.

The Choiseul SLP Constituency Branch is cognizant of how the current economic conditions have negatively impacted the employment situation in the community and consequently the fair, has as its aims to inform residents of Choiseul and Saltibus of employment opportunities that are available locally and overseas.

It is also to develop participants’ life skills by exposing them to workshops on work ethics, resumed writing and having a successful interview and equip participants with soft skills that will help them prepare for their employment life and cope with the work environment

This job fair will be hosted in collaboration with the Mampa Employment Agency and is open to neighboring communities of Laborie and Soufriere.

Persons needing further information on the Job Fair should call 459 9060 or 716 9 615.


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  1. That is really great news for Choiseul. I am happy for them coming from an unemployed Castries girl.


  2. I found this to be a positive announcement hope it is all that it should be and not to bring disappointments to the people of Saltibus and Choiseul. The government should help the cttizens with opportunities to receiving training in different industries even it it mean that the industries with the employment opportunities are overseas. Great start what about the othe villages?



  3. Bsing the South again. To Citizen Loyalty, they do not bs with people from the North. Whatever opportunity there is for youth employment, why shouldn't it be made public, for everyone. Crap!


      • That is true not just Castries. If it was someone from Soufriere or Laborie would you post a comment? Dont take it in the wrong way when someone from Castries is concerned about their community because at the end of the day we are all one Community and we all contribute to the development of our island.


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