New DHYBRID project in the Caribbean commissioned – 490,000 liters of diesel fuel saved

New DHYBRID project in the Caribbean commissioned – 490,000 liters of diesel fuel saved

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PRESS RELEASE – DHYBRID is now supplying the Caribbean island of Mustique with state-of-the-art photovoltaic diesel hybrid technology, ensuring a high level of grid stability and diesel savings of 490,000 liters per year

Until now, several diesel generators with an average power output of 3 MVA have supplied power to the almost 1,400 acres large tourist island. In September 2015, DHYBRID Power Systems GmbH, headquartered in Munich, Germany, installed and commissioned one of the world’s most advanced photovoltaic diesel hybrid systems on Mustique.

In addition to power supply, the plant features a PV capacity of 1 MWp, and an ultra-modern control system for diesel and PV generators and improved grid stability.

With its priority on solar power consumption, a diesel fuel saving of about 490,000 liters per year is achieved, meaning a return on investment of only 3.5 years for this plant.

Especially tourist islands often have extreme grid fluctuations rendering the islands’ grids unstable. The latest generation of the DHYBRID Fuel Reduction System also ensures a significantly higher level of grid stability with maximum safeguarding against failure, which for example, was improved with a ring communication system.

To achieve this, the entire system is permanently and remotely monitored and controlled using the most advanced SCADA and DHYBRID Monitoring System.

“To ensure a stable power supply for the island despite its high demand fluctuation is a very big challenge. With our new DHYBRID system, we can now considerably lower our energy costs while making a significant contribution to our grid’s stability. And we now have one of the most environmentally friendly energy supply systems in the Caribbean, saving us more than 1.2 million kg of CO2 per year,” said George Stuart Ward, COO of the Mustique Company and energy supplier of Mustique.

When handing over the system, the DHYBRID team expressed their satisfaction with the overall result and performance of the system, which was implemented in a construction period of 7 weeks.

“The collaboration with the local partner team, supervised by Senior Engineer Justin Providence of the Mustique Company, was excellent and we are proud to have delivered another highly efficient system for saving energy costs and ensuring grid stability,” said Benedikt Böhm, Sales Director of DHYBRID.

More information and a video about the Mustique project can be found at


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  1. the end is near for LUCELEC's Nazi/communist control of electricity generation in St Lucia, NO RIP.
    they of late have been threatening manufacturers with being cut from the grid if they generate their own electricity from the SUN for their own use in their own factory. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS GO SOLAR


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