New developments in Cuba under discussion

New developments in Cuba under discussion

Recent socio-economic and political developments in Cuba were discussed as the Cuban official, Senor Juan Pozo embarked on a visit to Saint Lucia recently.

The visit is aimed at boosting confidence in the transformations taking place, directed at improving and strengthening the social system in Cuba.

Official of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party Senor Juan Pozo discussed changes made in his country.

“This social economic transformation taking place these days, are based on engagements between the party and the people, something that has given us the greatest possibility to continue the revolution process in Cuba; because with the people everything can be possible, without the people, your support, engagement and the understanding of the socio-economic situation, nothing could have been possible. We considered that it was important to strengthen and go further and develop closer relationships between the people, party and political leaders of the Revolution. This has been our greatest success and has given us a lot of achievements during the 54 years of the revolutionary process in Cuba.”

During the four-day visit from November 22-26, Senor Juan Pozo will be granted the opportunity to meet with Officials of the Trades Union Movements, Political parties, Executive Members of the Humanistic Solidarity Association (Saint Lucia – Cuba) and Saint Lucian Cuban trained professionals.



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