New delivery company plans to take St. Lucia by storm

New delivery company plans to take St. Lucia by storm

What if you were told that the expense, stress and hassle of getting to your favourite restaurant or fast food outlet for a meal could be a thing of the past, and that these meals could be swiftly delivered to you?

Quick Delivery, a new local business, is promising just that.

The company commenced operations here in March 2013 and is offering customers not only the convenience of having their cooked food delivered, but groceries, documents and other small items, at affordable rates.

The company said it is seeking to rid its customers of expensive costs associated with obtaining simple items. It operates from Castries to Cap Estate.

Proprietor Gregory Sydney said the idea for Quick Delivery came about in 2008 when he got a sudden urge for pizza while at work in an office on the Morne, but realized that none of the pizza outlets made deliveries to his location.

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions,” he said.

While acknowledging that this type of venture is relatively new to St lucia, he has admitted to seeing growth in his customer base, stating that things are “picking up.” People are welcoming the idea but there are slow days which are used to grow the company’s creativity and innovation, he said.

Sydney, a junior quantity surveyor by profession and also owner of the Route 69 bar and grill located on the Bois D’orange Highway, said the company has three employees, which includes himself – a small start, but big plans.

Sydney is enthusiastic about the future of Quick Delivery. He is convinced that it will take St Lucia by storm and will soon be a household name like the other giants such as Super J and KFC.

One of the main reasons for his confidence is the fact that his company offers an attractive alternative to travelling for food and other small items, he noted.

As to why he ventured into the business world, the entrepreneur said it was for the love of it.

“I am not afraid of risk or failure because I believe in hard work and innovation… It is an ability that I have and is something that I love to do. It is a beautiful thing to start something and see your way through and keep working towards more and more goals within your creation,” he further stated.

Sydney is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in quantity surveying at the College of Estate Management.

Quick Delivery’s rates start as low as $5. Currently, customers can call to place an order, and/or have them picked up and delivered.  They can also pick an order and have it delivered to them. Upon delivery the customer is issued a receipt and the cost of the meal/item and delivery are paid.

The company can be reached at 719-FAST (3278) or email [email protected] Business hours are Sunday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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  1. Boy I remember those days of wanting stuff to eat and we couldnt get it.....your idea now in real time.....I wish you every ya!


  2. This is really great... innovative!!!

    I welcome this and wishing you all the best for expansion!


  3. Mr. (758) read properly uh. He said in 2008 he wanted pizza and no pizza was delivered to the Morne then!

    Good Job Sydney! Young entrepreneurs! The future of business growth and development for St. Lucia! Young job creators~


    • You all miserable loosers are hell bend on keeping a brother down when he's trying hard to make something of himself,create jobs and help the economy. Stop embarrASSing yourself you idiot.


  4. I have used this service a few times and have experienced great service each time! I love Quick Delivery!


  5. Good luck! We need more locals to venture into business. I hope you get support from the Lucian public.


  6. This is good! I am looking forward to the day when I can do my grocery shopping online and merely have to drive through to pick up


  7. nice venture...soon u will b getting people callin u for more than jus food and grocery deliveries.


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