New CEO for Citizenship by Investment Unit

New CEO for Citizenship by Investment Unit

PRESS RELEASE – The Citizenship by Investment Board (“the Board”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Nestor Alfred to the position of Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of the Citizenship by Investment Unit effective today, 8th August, 2017.

Nestor holds a BSc. Management Studies from the University of the West Indies and an MBA from Henley Management College/Brunel University.

Prior to his current appointment, his former roles include Executive Director of the Gaming Authority; Financial Management Consultant; Banker in the jurisdictions of Saint Lucia, Barbados and the Cayman Islands; Senior Executive within the East Caribbean Financial Holding Group; Director of Saint Lucia Financial Sector Supervision Unit; Registrar of Insurance and Assistant Comptroller of Inland Revenue Saint Lucia. Regionally, he serves as Commissioner to Caricom Competition Commission.

Nestor brings to CIP Saint Lucia, his vast experience as a regulator within the financial services sector and his expertise in the areas of Anti Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT).

The Board looks forward to working with him as he provides necessary leadership to the Citizenship by Investment Unit and overall management of its’ affairs.

The Board and the new CEO shall utilize their best efforts to continue positioning CIP Saint Lucia as a reputable, attractive and well run global citizenship program.


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  1. Stop selling the country for peanuts. Stop denying the youths. Abolish CIP before it is too late.


  2. Let's wait and see time will tell. We all know with that Prime Minister nothing straight can go forward.


  3. You mean CIP compensation package is that competitive? WOW!!!
    So many new executives being appointed.
    Well make sure you politically installed executives make full use of these next four years cause if your party loses .....I'll be saying... So many executives being decommissioned.

    But iIll say this.. At least you're qualified. So make things happen while you have the chance. All the best


  4. its about time we started to clean out all these labour party hacks we are saddled with holding the country back because they are disgruntled their party lost. this is a start. lets get people who can do the jobs into these types of positions. Lets get these CIP projects started. the young people need work now. keep up the good work PM. The people of St Lucia have no problem if you clean out these labour party people from your house because we see how they are trying to undermine the work of the government. they want you to fail and they want you to pay them while they doing that. send them home let them join the private sector. let us start fresh! now clean up all the embassies and these other organizations please!!!!


  5. I only hope that " yesman " doesn't come with that big sack of qualifications . That's the problem that plagues those small States .


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