New Cabinet sworn in

By SNO Staff

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Allen Chastanet

Allen Chastanet

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet on Tuesday named the members of his Cabinet, in a swearing in at the Phillip Marcellin Grounds in Vieux Fort.

The ceremony confirms the executive arm of the Government of Saint Lucia that will manage the affairs of the nation for the next five years, or until such time as the Prime Minister deems necessary.

The new Cabinet of Ministers:

1. Allen M. Chastanet – Prime Minister, Minister for Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, External Affairs and Public Service

2. Dr Gale Rigobert -Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development

3. Ezechiel Joseph – Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Cooperatives

4. Stephenson King – Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour

5. Guy Joseph – Minister of Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation

6. Lenard Montoute – Minister for Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Local Government

7. Edmund Estephane – Minister within the Ministry for Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Local Government

8. Senator Hermangild Francis – Minister for Home Affairs, Justice and National Security

9. Senator Mary Isaac – Minister for Health and Wellness

10. Bradley Felix – Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Commerce, Industry, Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs

11. Dominic Fedee – Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Tourism, Information and Broadcasting

12. Jimmy Henry – Minister within the Minsitry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Cooperatives

13. Senator Fortuna Belrose – Minister within the Ministry for Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Local Government

14. Senator Ubaldus Raymond – Minister in the Ministry of Finance

15. Herod Stanislas – Minister within the Ministry of Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation

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  1. I think Allan is smart enough to know sarah cares alot of weight with her. He would not let her just blow in wind. U ppl too fast. ALL CANDIDATES were consulted with before ministries were assigned. They had to agree or disagree. She will not be left out.

    By the way I like the fact the most troubled ministries were given 2 ppl to head And the stronger or more experienced candidates were allowed to head alone.

    Allan comes from a family who knows how to make money and run a business. Let him run the country.

  2. FYI Ministries are run by the Permanent Secretary and other staff members of that Ministry. Ministers simply put their stamp of approval and get to enjoy all the perks of the job. So relax our Public Servants got this!!

  3. all is see is duplication of ministries /ministers. Economic development and growth don"t go together? why 2 posts. Plaese explain. Are these junior ministers taking up the role of permanent secretary in these new job assignment..

    Please don"t slam me . I am just trying to understand the new ministry structure?

  4. Politicians eh lol... Mr Prime Minister you were of the view that Ms. Hippolyte should have the finance portfolio in opposition. Now that you are in office what has changed? Shouldn't Dr. Raymond be given that ministry to run on his own? What makes ms. Isaac a better health minister than Dr. Mondesir? I thought the BEST qualified person got the job, but like the last administration you had a female quota to fill. First was Dr. Long now its Dr. Mondesir, the marginalization of men continues. We need equal representation in construction and sanitation as well, not just politics. Hope Minister Isaac don't forget her role and start leading protest action at the hospital.

    While I get the difference between economic growth and economic development, why is economic development not under the finance umbrella/finance office? It's early days yet and am sure this has been well thought out; just an observation. I wish your new administration the best, just don't get ahead of yourself. I know you wanna repay the people for their confidence and trust and want to do make St.Lucia the BEST. Just don't get overly ambitious, its all good when thinking outside the box yields results, but sometimes its best to stay inside the box, strive to strike the right balance. Think outside the box by thinking inside the box.

  5. the only ones benefiting from this are the ministers families, friends and major uwp supporters for the rest of yall don't get your hopes up

  6. Congrats to the new cabinet ministers.I love the fact that they are working in pairs,it leaves room for transparancy and accuntability.hope they do well.It's a little disappointing that Sarah was not given a ministry but she knows why.

    For those persons who are making such a big issue with what the PM said about the NICE program,I don't see why.We must remember that the NICE program does not only comprises of the elderly care,which seems to be the only program that we st lucians know about.But the Nice program cover a wide variety of workers.For example there are persons working in the hospitals that are empolyed under Nice,hotel workers,janitors,construction workers, computer technicians, sanitary workers, ministry messenger,even those persons who are working by the roads sides, just to name a few. So we must stop focusing only on the elderly care .
    Am in total agreement with PM when he said that those NICE workers can get proper trainning and have an oppertunity to work on the cruise ship.It doesn't have to be an elderly care worker but a young persons who's there working a messenger for the ministery or in some other area.They don't have to stay in that position but can help themselves.Live can be better for them.
    so please let us focus on bringing our country forward.Like Obama said "yes we can"

  7. Lucian Binoculars in Alaska

    To me Flood-Beaubrun has more experience than just Ministy of Health experience. Why all this negativity. Wait to see the whole plan. Give the people a chance. They have to do it right...put round pegs in round holes, and square pegs in square holes. Its that what we St. Lucians would like to see. All the best. Hope to see the bginning of change, when I back in St. Lucia. Blessinh all.

  8. Lucian Binoculars in Alaska

    Deputy Speaker of the house. Mark my word.

  9. Sarah flood said she didn't want any portfolio for those asking.. She said she is willing to help every minister in any way that she can..
    And let's give the people at chance to see what they can do.. We humans like to Judge and predict things to fast... Smh.. I bet some of us here giving all Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary, Jane, Christy a chance in our lives and when we realize they ent doing nun good we change... So if for the 5yrs they ent do nun good simple just *CHANGE*

  10. Boy oh Boy!!! I am still scratching me head trying to figure out what is going on. I am in support of the new government but confused with the cabinet. Four (4) ministers in the office of the prime minister??? Mary Isaac as minister of health with no experience and no background in Health?????? Three (3) ministers in Sports and youth development???? Eight (8) ministries with fifteen ministers???? No attorney General???? No Deputy Prime Minister???? Different ministries carry the same description ( e.g. Economic Growth)???? OH WELL!!!

  11. Sarah flood said she didn't want any portfolio for those asking.. She said she is willing to help every minister in any way that she can..

  12. We want Ms. Sarah for Health or something strategic or paramount! She's a titan! She has tremendous experience and her moral compass is unbroken.
    We want Dr. Ubaldus Raymond holding down his own Ministry!
    We don't want Mr. Guy Joseph having anything to do with Economic development or growth or anything to do with infrastructure and works!
    We want less "Minister in..." and less verbose portfolios! Condense them.
    I think we need a reshuffle!

  13. Where is Sarah Flood in the mix?

  14. From 14 Ministers with many consultants to 15 with no consultants. What's wrong with that. Less money to pay.

  15. Have we any idea what the PM's plan is? Nobody knows, however they criticize the positions given in the Cabinet. People it is not you that planning, let the man work his plan. I hear talk about Sarah, do you know what role Sarah wanted to play in this administration? Lets don't be like dedicated SLPs an criticize without knowing facts. Maybe she can be Deputy Speaker, Attorney General etc.

  16. I am very impressed with the new cabinet. I find they know what they are about. Chastnet has to reshuffle Cabinet within a year. Some of the Ministers in the Various ministries cannot pronounce. Chastnet took too much to Swallow. What was he thinking of? He should have left External Affairs and Public Service to Ubaldus Raymond instead of making him a junior Minister within the Minister of Finance. I hope he does not resign again this time and have Chastnet reshuffle the cabinet soon.
    Long live the Government and people of St. Lucia. Long live the new Cabinet. Long live the new leader.

  17. why they only putting indept persons in the ministry of health. first was Alvina now Mary Isaac who does not know a fXXkall about medicine and health procedures. I wonder what the foreigners say when they speak to them. Health expeerts have a language only doctors can understand. SMDH. and u wonder y our health care system is in a mess. Get a damn medical doctor.

    • They could have done better. There should be a reshuffle in 90 days. Medicine is too technical to leave that to a junior novice minister. It is similar to DKA putting a novice in charge of the most important economic cylinder, tourism.

      • I disagree completely! The position of a Minister in any ministry is not one who speaks the language of the professionals within that industry, rather it is the ability of that person to function in that leadership capacity. That's why you have a Chief Medical Officer for the Island. The minister's role is to provide functional leadership but the technical day to day operational role is that of the technocrats within the ministry, such as the PS, CMO, etc. Should you also put a doctor as the PS too?

        On the post of Minister for Tourism, however, I agree with you. While I would be careful to ascribe the word "novice" to someone new to politics in the context of ministerial responsibility, I would say that someone competent enough to function as a minister for tourism should have been put in that position by the last administration.

    • Wasn't there a medical doctor as Minister of Health at one time? Was anything accomplished?

      Also, in addition to the past Minister of Health, wasn't there also a 'Consultant' in that same ministry? Was anything accomplished?

  18. A whole bunch of jokers and rejects.. HAHAHA. That's what ur'll wanted, so eat it.. I know we will be heading back to the polls soon. watch and see.

    • you mean that's what you are hoping for right? sore loser get over it.

    • Such negativity! How do you make such pronouncements (rejects) when the Saint Lucians just elected them into office. Unless you are practicing malapropism, then your statement, my friend, is total void of any merit. Give them a chance to perform and then criticize!

    • In your mouth, Kenny told you to dry your tears, poor jab they must be still puffy

  19. Where is Sarah Flood Beaubrun? Why wasn't she offered a ministry after winning her seat?

    • I am conflicted. I want S Flood to handle those unruly losers as Speaker. But she was a darn good health minister. She should have been assigned there.

      This is no place for on-the-job training. I hope they put someone who knows how to win, and has won at least one case in the courts as AG. Do not do like in the past, by placing in this position someone with only dangling clanging powder puffs as evidence of testicular courage.

    • How do we know she was not offered a ministry? They had a meeting amongst themselves to discuss who's getting what....who's to say...!!

  20. Is this a joke?

  21. Where is the attorney general?

  22. guy joseph minister of economic development same ole story what a lala!!

  23. well done.....congrats

  24. Interesting, well I guess many things will be done differently. I would like some clarification on the Ministers within the Ministers' offices. Would they be understudies or are they junior Ministers?

    • That was borrowed or advised by Ms Mia Motley on the Barbadian's visit or through contacts, I dare to suspect. Such people may have skills that will help the persons with substantive titles by doing necessary groundwork, in order to make better ministry decisions.
      The best-performing organisations around the world today, work with teams of people, and not with delusional know-it-all, one-man show narcissists as Fidel Castro, Cuban- and Maduro-styled dictators.

  25. Biggest disrespect, Sarah flood,da. Biggest prospect in dis cabinet,n elected member,cannot hold a ministry? N ppl were. Made senators n given ministrys? It jus shows dat all isn't well within,n Chas is jus making Sarah pay 4 challenging him as leader.


    • King challenged him as leader too....let's not speculate but ask questions

    • didn't you ever think that's what she wants.

    • Such defective reasoning! Have you even considered the possibility that the office of Attorney General, which is not a cabinet position, has been offered to Sarah Flood? And I would suggest to you, and certainly to all who post comments, that the world is potentially reading these comments. I don't mean to undermine anyone's style of writing or method of expression, but just be cognizant of the fact that other people are reading these comments. After all, I assume that this is the exact reason for which you are posting them.

  26. What cabinet did Sarah flood receive

  27. i am really satisfied with what i heard. A smart group of people selected to change this country around that seem so stagnant with nothing happening.

    Beautiful country was managed by a bunch of arrogant men fully educated to distort, fool, manipulate and belittle anyone in their way.

    Again I say thank god!!!

  28. Im curious as to the reasoning behind these ministries. There is poor synergy between some of these ministries.

    The prime minister's ministry seems very large and cumbersome.

    Also which ministry does national insurance fall under?

  29. I did not hear Sarah Flood being announced but any way congrats to all those who have been elected and selected. I do hope that all the ministries that will be affected were consulted because this new shift cannot simply happen overnight. Remember there are accounting implications and with our financial records not produced for over 11 yrs I see a problem arising. Good intentions but to have the policies of the government truly reflected then these changes should take place within the next two years.

  30. wonderful move by the pm i for one what i would like to see more is schools for trades learning for after school children ,factory's to use our fruits to produce products, build high rise buildings for residential homes with two or three bedrooms for the future in towns, city 's, villages ...

  31. huh?!

  32. So many ministers within another ministers office

  33. Allen said he will not stop NICE but give nice workers money to go to school to WORK ON THE CRUISE SHIP and slowly shift the workers from the ministries to the cruise ship. First that was a cryptic message and it take one to read between the lines. Ofcourse you slowly destroying the NICE PROGRAM! Not everyone wants to work on a boat to be employed in menial jobs when so many of them already benefit working in schools etc in better jobs. Another thing he said he decreased the ministeres to 8 but YOU HAVE 15 MINISTERS. He thinks people illiterate. Also he building a pier. Those cruise ships have the highest turnover. Anyway, I'm remaining positive.

    • NICE and STEP need major restructuring. Today, they are merely condemning our young to lifelong poverty. Not many, if any will be able to buy land and furnish a home for their kids. If that cannot happen we are endorsing the stupid SLP crap as worthy of keeping as social and developmental policy.

      • Look around, we're already doomed to lifelong poverty regardless of what happens, by our own greed normal lucians will never be able to afford land ......

      • Has it ever occurred to you that maybe many of these young people in STEP do not have such ambitions? Many of them loaf the idea of even NICE because they need to under go training and work an 8 hour job and prefer to sit by the road all day until the next STEP comes around while telling every one "Tings eh running".

        Then there are those who use it to supplement their income which is what it was designed to do, a means of quick extra income. I know of a few people who have saved up STEP money to help further themselves or their children.

        The problem with our young people is that they lack ambition, discipline, they don't know how to sacrifice and in cases have no sense of responsibility and love. When these people enter the work force their contribution is minimal and even detrimental, which can cause any new business to flop.

        Government's role is to provide opportunities in terms of education and the means for employment, but if they don't make the best of it can you blame the Government?

        It's a good move by our new prime minister, they will appreciate what they had and learn to make the best of what they have.

  34. So I am just wondering .....who is the Press Secretary?

  35. What's Sarah's ministry? I am disappointed because he just lied. I thought with a new government, things would be different from the last. Unless they are junior ministers, there is no difference in the the number of ministers. He did not have to spin it. We would have no problem with the ministers. Please start with honesty or nothing good will come out of all your good intentions.

  36. Where is Sarah?

  37. Congratulations to all.Its time to work for progress.Good luck.

  38. So many of us voted for a Chastanet Govt because we thought Sarah Flood Beaubrun was a big part of the Administration! Where she?
    You all aint easy!
    We should a stick to the SLP!

    • joe? you do not know what they spoke about befor giving ministries, so do not come out to say you should have vote SLP, that you bringing up. SMFH USELESS THOUGHT

  39. That's a good start; Now give them the breathing space and the time
    to do their work. I'm glade for one thing, i.e. no damn P.H.D's and dumb
    Lawyers to screw things up. Allen, like his father is approachable and
    will listen to you. Just give them time.

  40. That moment Ubaldus thought he would get a full time ministry. Nope hold that junior minister position. What will be his fate? Will he resign again?

    • Did you even listen??? Ubaldus Raymond is responsible for finance in the Prime Minister's this to what he was offered in the previous administration

    • And he is such a humble and capable gentleman! A model man.

  41. This is a cabinet that will not be of any use to St. Lucia.... The cabinet is loaded with Junior Ministers who are in Chastanet pocket....

    These junior ministers appointments are there to circumvent any detractors in the cabinet.

    For the people that do not understand Junior Ministers has a vote in cabinet but Parliamentary Secretary does not. So when Chastanet takes his crazy decision no King, Spider, Gayle, Flood and Edmunds can stop him.

    The also notice there were no appointment of an official Deputy PM.... These are all the signature of infighting....

    There was also the seating arrangements to take note of, Chastanet had Guy Joseph seating next to him..... Gayle was seated in the last row..... More Division... Division...

    The next thing is Ms. Flood has all the experience from Health ministry before is left out to give Mary that Department..... Think people think.... Mary could not run a CSA but she can run this huge operation....

    Boy the voter did not understand what they were voting for......

  42. How are we going to pay these wages? Largest cabinet in slu history. Didn't Chas complain about the size of Kenny cabinet?

    Sipping my tea

    Anywaysss on the brighter side guy is not minister for infrastructure. No contract for A&M ???

  43. Not Bad At All!

  44. 15 ministers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Wow what a team,,Best team ever, the best economist on land in the ministry of finance ubull-us Raymond
    .I have no doubt this team will gain success immediately.

  46. Thought Sarah Flood would be in the Ministry of Health with Mary or if not her a man

  47. Please explain the responsibilities of Ministry of Economic Growth held by the PM vis-a-vis the Ministry of Economic Development held by Guy Joseph

    • I looked it up, through about ten different reliable sources - "Ministry of Economic Growth...Ministry of Economic Development" carry out the EXACT same functions.


  48. Oh lord. Look like we will be the laughing stock of the rest of the world. What are the general responsibilities of all these ministries

  49. They give the poodle the same ministry again!?!

  50. Why isnt there a separate ministry for tourism?
    Why are there so many portfolios under the branch of the prime Minister?
    Does this mean he is the minister of finance and the minister of tourism? OR IS it called external affairs now. Smh


  51. Great selection. My only concern is that it appears Sarah Flood will be speaker of the house. Hope she is OK with that and that all works out for this team who appear to be seeking the Lord. I have great hope in the leadership of the Honorable Allen Chastanet. May God bless Saint Lucia.

  52. I like it times 2
    Please and tanks

  53. Where is Sarah in all of this?

  54. very interesting. Lets hope that they remember why they are in Government and work for the people and not their pockets.


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