New bridge for Dubonnet

New bridge for Dubonnet

Tuesday, October 09, 2012 – On Thursday, October 11th  2012, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport will officially sign a contract to mark the commencement of construction on the new Dubonnet bridge and access road  in Dennery North.

The project is expected to last three months at an estimated cost of EC$665,128.45.

Acting Press Secretary Winston Springer says the construction of the new bridge in Dubonnet will bring an end to a long-standing concern.

“The necessity for this bridge has been advocated for many years now. Residents of this slowly emerging community can look forward to a long awaited promise being fulfilled as a new bridge and access road will be constructed to bring vehicular traffic into that community. No longer will residents have to traverse over a wooden foot bridge which they have had to repair every year. The pain and anxiety which in particular aged and sick people have to experience  as they attempt to cross this dangerous bridge in search of medical and other help will be a thing of the past. The contact has been awarded by the Central Tenders Board to Gregory Ferdinand, a long standing and reputable contractor from the Dennery North basin.”

The new Dubonnet bridge will measure five metres wide and eleven metres long, while over 100 metres of new road will be constructed to join the Dubonnet community to the Theobalds community.

The project is expected to significantly improve the lives of residents, property owners and farmers in the Dubonnet community.


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