BREAKING NEWS: Homicide #57 – Man succumbs to head injuries

BREAKING NEWS: Homicide #57 – Man succumbs to head injuries

A man who was severely beaten on Christmas Day in Soufriere has died, bringing the island’s homicide toll for the year to 57, law enforcement officials have confirmed.

Randy Augustin, 30, of Bois Den, was reportedly injured during an alleged altercation around 9 p.m. The Christmas Day jouvert was reportedly underway at the time.

He reportedly sustained a fractured skull and broken legs.

He passed away at Victoria Hospital on Thursday, Dec. 28, while in a coma.

One individual is in custody assisting with the investigations.


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  1. You'll think hanging will stop crimes in St..lucia,thats after you'll dead and the crime never solve....Yeah youll have rapist,child pedefiles,murderers you'll cannot even bring to justice....But youll want hanging....thats when youll love ones been acccused,framed, accused and sentence to hangi death for a crime the have no mind or idea of and now the rope around their necks,dont even have a chance to plead or fight their case.....Hanging is the best you'll can do...A mind the brain is a terrible thing to waste St.Lucia St.Lucia.....Hanging you'll dont have enough blood pouring out on the island...You'll Good.


    • I can tell you’re not an advocate of the death penalty. It’s been proven that countries with the death penalty have low crime rates. The death penalty is a deterrent. You sit there and complain, What if one of your family members were to get killed by someone? I bet you would be singing a different tune.


    • I couldn't get over the terrible grammar in his comment. I don't even know what u were talking about.


  2. At a political meeting Chastanet dress like a priest with holy water, saying that it would destroy all evil in the country.


  3. St.lucian .need to stop using crime as a political must put a hand in solving this cancer that's creating havoc the blame game....


  4. Bring back hanging take these crimes more serious than pound of weed cases..these murderers get into prison to live a good life and we are out there working hard to feed them 3 meals a day thats bulls**t ...Kosh Nige hold strong blood...sympathy to the family and RIP Randy...


  5. So after you'll killed him. All of you are walking with you'll cutlasses and saying if its war the family wants they will get? Are you guys that ignorant and self centred? Dont you know how hard it it to loose someone close to you? I pray to god that my family dont do nothing stupid to you'll but the almighty will make you all suffer


  6. Stop complaining Lucians. The death penalty is the only answer. Hanging, electric chair or firing squad. Give the criminals a choice of how they want to die. Problem solved.


  7. When i heard the name I was praying that it was not you but the photo confirmed it was really you. I pray that those hoodlums who took your life senselessly will rot in hell, soon very soon. Karma has a way of dealing with that when earthly justice can't. May your soul rest in peace my dear Randy. Theirs is behind!


  8. People believe or not this is something that has been going around for those who have been killed in the pass so don't put the blame on politics


  9. Hell NO. Wasn't that guy killed by police soon after he issued the threats? This young man is from Soufriere.


  10. Chastanet the messaiah where are you.... You said you would stop crime. You not even aware of what's going on because you never there.


  11. They all wanted Kenny to speak on rising crime all of them are silent. It's a homicide problem NOT a crime problem. The House Slaves like it so oh.


    • The shameless spineless UWP all of them quiet quiet quiet not a word not a word not a word. The same shit for 2018 you watch, not surprise if it's any worse.


    • St.lucian .need to stop using crime as a political must put a hand in solving this cancer that's creating havoc the blame game....


  12. Mate really looking like the guy that was threatening police on clinton reynolds news article on tv some years ago. the one that was saying "we have guns too etc.


  13. oh dear god what's wrong with our young people why they have to beat a human so badly to caused his death. what the HELL you'll benefit from that. you'll will be in jail for a long time its a lose lose situation.